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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Ranking the seasons

Tony Black ranks the first eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

SEASON 6 (2007)

Five years was supposed to be it. Five and done. Larry even wrote ‘The End’ as a finale at the end of the fifth season in which Larry quite literally goes to Heaven (and meets Dustin Hoffman & Sacha Baron Cohen, obviously), but he simply couldn’t resist coming back and throwing Larry into a separation with Cheryl, who finally at long last realised how much of an asshole Larry really is. This coincides with Larry taking in the Blacks, a (yes, black) family who have survived a natural disaster, in his attempts to try and win Cheryl over, all the while flirting with dating other women.

Honestly, Season Six is a mixed bag in places, with a few misfires alongside one or two memorable episodes. ‘The Freak Book’ is a terribly un-PC episode where Larry & Jeff offend Ted Danson by laughing at a book of freaks, while ‘The Therapists’ allows for a fantastically funny guest appearance by Steve Coogan as a shrink Larry literally sends crazy. Plenty of well known guest stars litter the season, including Ben Stiller, John Schneider, Lucy Lawless and even John McEnroe, but arguably Season Six’s greatest gift is JB Smoove’s brilliantly foul-mouthed, amoral Leon Black, who compliments Larry beautifully from then on.

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