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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Ranking the seasons

Tony Black ranks the first eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

SEASON 1 (2000)

Where it all began. Following an HBO special, filmed in a far more documentarian style which is included on the original Season One DVD, the first season establishes the set up of the rich, privileged, and eternally exasperated Larry David as he gets into a million different social struggles with people from all colours, creeds and backgrounds. It’s by far the most standalone, episodic season, with Larry constructing singular half-hours with no connective tissue, and while the show is still figuring out its post-modern, Seinfeld-ian tone here, we are gifted a few early gems.

‘Beloved Aunt’, for example, where Larry accidentally calls Cheryl’s dead aunt a c*nt in a newspaper obituary, is easily one of the funniest episodes of Curb ever, as indeed is the shockingly close to the bone finale ‘The Group’, in which Larry somehow manages to get away with making child sexual abuse extremely funny. ‘Affirmative Action’ deserves a mention too along the way for really hitting the racial awkwardness head on, but at this stage Curb is primarily a show about these kind of mores as opposed to the heavier doses of farce it would deliver in later seasons.

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