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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Ranking the seasons

Tony Black ranks the first eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

SEASON 2 (2001)

The first season to experiment with Larry’s penchant for an ongoing narrative he will return to at various points across the season, taking a few pit-stops for standalone episodes pivoted around a specific comedic beat. In this case, it’s attempting to launch a new TV comedy show and consistently offending or alienating the heads of almost every network in American television along the way, not to mention losing star Jason Alexander after a brilliant argument in ‘Thor’ escalates, gaining other Seinfeld alumni Julia Louis-Dreyfus along the way. We would get the full Seinfeld reunion everyone secretly hopes for via Curb in Season Seven, but in Season Two, Larry milks these personalities wonderfully.

‘The Car Salesman’, the season premiere in which Larry on a whim decides he’s going to sell cars for a living, remains among my favourite Curb episodes ever, showing Larry at his random, mercurial finest. ‘The Shrimp Incident’ drops the C-bomb again in hilarious fashion, leading to *the* most awkward dinner party ever. ‘The Doll’ is just Curb at its inappropriate best, again treading dicey waters like ‘The Group’, and ‘Shaq’ allows for just the glorious moment in which Larry realises everyone wants nothing to do with him and is overjoyed with life. Season Two is where the show really figures out what it is.

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