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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Ranking the seasons

Tony Black ranks the first eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

SEASON 3 (2002)

The third season then absolutely builds on Season Two’s learning curve, moving Larry away from his unsuccessful bid to return to TV and instead focusing on the development of a trendy, upmarket LA restaurant he gets involved in with Jeff, Ted Danson and Michael York amongst a cadre of others. It’s the ongoing narrative on which Larry hangs his comedy of social errors, once again consistently alienating and self-destructing any attempt to get the restaurant off the ground. If Season Two figures out the nature of how the show should be written, Season Three is where we start getting one hit after the other.

‘The Benadryl Brownie’, in which Larry battles Christian scientists and tries to poison someone for good, ‘The Nanny’, which has a wonderfully demented guest role for Cheri Oteri as a Disney-obsessed, crazed nanny who Larry helps inflict mayhem on the Greene household through; ‘The Terrorist Attack’, which skirts bad taste in a big way as Larry attempts to court Alanis Morrisette for a benefit by spreading terrorist attack rumours between two groups of friends, the brilliant ‘The Special Section’ which introduces Larry’s Dad, Nat, and his eccentric Cousin Andy (the great Richard Kind), ‘Krazee-Eyes Killa’ in which Larry makes friends with a foul-mouthed rap star, and who can forget the near operatic profanity explosion at the end of season finale ‘The Grand Opening’? It’s a tremendous season of comedy.

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