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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Ranking the seasons

Tony Black ranks the first eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm...

SEASON 4 (2004)

Without question, though, Season Four is Curb’s zenith, and will almost certainly never be topped. This is the season where Larry undertakes what could be his bravest challenge: playing Max Bialystock in the Broadway production of Mel Brooks’ legendary musical comedy The Producers. It’s an ongoing plot line weaved together with the genius hook of Larry, for his wedding anniversary gift, being allowed by Cheryl to sleep with another woman one night only in a specific window of time. Cue a season of Larry struggling not to piss off everyone involved in The Producers while desperately trying and failing to get laid. It’s sublime.

We’re gifted episodes such as ‘Ben’s Birthday Party’ in which Larry makes an enemy of co-star Ben Stiller via car etiquette rules and a rogue cocktail stick; ‘The Blind Date’ in which Larry attempts to set up the blind pianist in his rehearsals with a Muslim, ‘The Car Pool Lane’ in which his attempts to locate medical marijuana for his father result in a bizarre date with a hooker, ‘The Surrogate’ where Larry accidentally convinces a pregnant surrogate to keep the baby, and ‘The Survivor’ which tackles holocaust jokes alongside Larry once again offending Cheryl’s Christian family (their annoyance at Larry is a wonderful, occasional running gag).

A real highlight though is Larry’s antagonistic relationship with co-star David Schwimmer, building to the fantastic finale ‘Opening Night’, which probably rivals ‘The Black Swan’ as Curb’s greatest hour. What a season with just the perfect final episode.

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