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Charmed: 10 reasons why it’s still awesome

Charmed mega-fan Dan Taylor on why the show still rocks...

Magic Powers

A show about the supernatural wouldn’t be anything without magic and boy did Charmed bring the magic! For a show that premiered in the 90’s, the special effects on Charmed were actually quite impressive and regularly the show would go to great lengths to better their effects by performing elaborate stunts to make the powers seem more realistic. Prue’s telekinesis would regularly see bodies flying through the air while Phoebe’s levitation power meant actress Alyssa Milano spent a lot of her time in a harness.

Many a night I spent imagining I had Piper’s ability to freeze time or Paige’s power of orbing allowing her to magically transport herself from place to place even Phoebe’s power of premonition would’ve come in handy!

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