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American Assassin’s Michael Keaton: Bat From the Dead

Tony Black examines the career highlights of Michael Keaton...


The 2000’s didn’t really do much for Keaton, who got a bit lost in the Hollywood machine. Voice work on King of the Hill or the odd appearance on shows like Frasier were coupled with non-entity projects barely anyone saw; 2003’s Quicksand with Michael Caine, 2004’s First Daughter alongside Katie Holmes, 2005’s creepy but unremarkable chiller White Noise, culminating in 2005’s Herbie: Fully Loaded opposite Lindsay Lohan. Oh how the mighty Bat had fallen.

Keaton did try his hand at other things, such as 2007’s espionage mini-series The Company alongside Alfred Molina & Chris “I could have been your Robin” O’Donnell, and he even directed as well as starred in 2008’s The Merry Gentlemen, but again the A-list seemed to have eluded him.


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