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Cold Feet Series 7 – A complete character breakdown

As Cold Feet returns, Baz Greenland breaks down the characters...

Warning: This piece contains some spoilers from Series 6 as well as the original run to get you up to date where each character is now.

The Main Cast…

Adam Williams (James Nesbitt)

Cold Feet Adam

If there is a central figure to Cold Feet, it’s Adam, a cheeky, lively character who had a long running romance and marriage to Helen Baxendale’s Rachel before her tragic death in the Series Five finale. Last series saw him return to Manchester with fiancee Angela, but his subsequent marriage was short lived when he decided to stay to support teenage son Matthew.

After Angela returned to Hong Kong, he struck up a connection with landlord Tina and they finally got together at his 50th birthday party at the end of Series Six.

Pete Gifford (John Thomson)

Cold Feet Pete

Pete is Adam’s best mate and was married to Jenny in the original series before it fell apart. After she left in Series Four, he met and eventually married Jo, only for that marriage to end in Series Five, where he reunited with Jenny at Rachel’s funeral. They have one son together, Adam, though he helped raised Jenny’s daughter Chloe as his own.

In Series Six, money problems, Jenny’s flourishing career and the return of Chloe’s real dad saw Pete suffer with crippling depression, including a harrowing moment where he considered committing suicide. Series Six ended with him breaking through his depression and mending his fractured relationships with Chloe and Jenny.

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Jenny Gifford (Fay Ripley)

Cold Feet Jenny

Loud and lively Jenny was married to Pete in the original run but eventually left to work in New York at the beginning of Series Four. While there, she met Grant and fell pregnant but the relationship fell apart before he knew he was going to be a father and she returned to the UK at the end of Series Five for Rachel’s funeral. Pete and Jenny remarried and they raised Chloe as their own.

Series Six saw her career develop, but the surprise return of Grant and Pete’s depression hindered her marriage and she nearly had an affair. However, she stuck with Pete and her family and things are starting to improve.

David Marsden (Robert Bathurst)

Cold Feet David

David is self-important, well spoken, well educated and a bit of an arse but the rest of the characters seem to like him despite this. He was married to Karen during most of the original run, where they had three children – Josh and twins Olivia and Ellie – but an affair with Jessica in Series Three saw their marriage end a year later. He eventually married his divorce lawyer, the even more self-important Robyn, but by the time Series Six rolled by, that marriage too had crumbled.

Worse still, David inadvertently caused financial fraud and last year saw him briefly imprisoned and facing a greater sentence before the case against him came to an abrupt end.

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Karen Marsden (Hermione Norris)

Cold Feet Karen

Originally introduced as Rachel’s best friend, Karen is a very direct, bluntly spoken (and at times almost as self-important as David) but a wholly more likeable character. The original series saw her deal with the motherhood and return to work in publishing before her marriage to David ended. Despite struggling with drinking, she managed a relationship with Mark in Series Four but in ended in Series Five and by the time the revival came, she was still single.

Despite David wanting to reunite with her after his divorce from Robyn, she dated older man and billionaire Eddie for a while last year and quit her job to start her own publishing company, while dallying in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationships with her new business partner Justin.

The Kids…

Matthew Williams (Ceallach Spellman)

Cold Feet Matthew

Matthew was born at the end of Series Four of Cold Feet and just a baby when the original series ended. He was raised by his godmother Karen for some if the intervening years while his dad Adam worked abroad. He played a much more central role in the revival.

Kicked out of boarding school, Series Six saw him bond with his dad and have a sexual relationship with Ellie Marsden.

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Adam Gifford (Jack Harper)

Cold Feet Adam Gifford

The son of Pete and Jenny, he was born in Series One. As laid back as his dad, with the same passion for football, he wants to be in a band and Series Six saw him embark on his first gig.

Chloe Gifford (Madeleine Edmondson)

Cold Feet Chloe

While she was raised by Pete and Jenny, Chloe is the biological daughter of Grant, a fling of her her mother’s while she was divorced from Pete and working in the US during series Four and Five. However Pete raised her as his own and she didn’t find out who her real father was until Grant turned up unexpectedly in Series Six and shook her world apart.

While this caused friction between Chloe and Pete, they eventually reconciled their differences.

Olivia Marsden (Daisy Edgar-Jones)

©Big Talk Productions

Born in Series Three and one of David and Karen’s twin daughters, she secretly fancies Matthew despite his relationship with her twin sister Ellie.

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Ellie Marsden (Ella Hunt)

Cold Feet Ellie

The second of David and Karen’s twin daughters, she began a sexual relationship with Matthew during Series Six but it didn’t last.

Josh Marsden (Callum Woodhouse)

Cold Feet Josh

The oldest of the children, Woodhouse is just the latest of actors to play Josh. He was off travelling and absent from most of Series Six but returned in the finale with former nanny Ramona on tow.

He quickly introduced his boyfriend to mum Karen, who was delighted, though David had a slightly more difficult time coming to terms with his son being gay.

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The Rest…

Ramona (Jacey Sallés)

Cold Feet Ramona

Essentially the seventh member of the original cast, she was introduced as Josh’s nanny in the first series and was designed to last just a few episodes – the first of a number of nannies. However, Sallés proved so popular she stuck around for the entire five series, even having a few storylines and relationships of her own.

She returned in the Series Six finale and was soon recruited as Karen’s personal assistant, making her a more prominent character again when the show returns for Series Seven…

Tina Reynolds (Leanne Best)

Cold Feet Tina

The new ‘Rachel’ not just because she is Adam’s love interest in the revival (Angela was just a stop gap), but because she kind of has the same look and quirky personality as her. She was introduced as Adam’s landlady when he returned to Manchester in Series Six and the spark was there from their first meeting.

However, she was currently dating a married man, which came to a rather brutal ending when the wife found out. Adam stepped in to save Tina but it wasn’t until she arranged a surprise fiftieth birthday party in last year’s finale that they finally got together.

Cold Feet Series 7 is now airing on ITV every Friday.

Who is your favourite Cold Feet character? Are you enjoying Series 7? Let us know in comments or on social media.

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