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Jennifer Lawrence – Top 5 Performances

To celebrate her upcoming role in Mother! Set The Tape's Emma Platt presents her top five Jennifer Lawrence performances...

3. Mystique in The X-Men Franchise

For three X-Men films – First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse – Lawrence took on the role of Raven Darkholme aka Mystique, one of the most memorable mutants in the X-Men universe with her bright blue skin and red hair. Mystique was given a bigger role in the new trilogy than the original movies where the character was played by Rebecca Romijn who served as not much more than Magneto’s sidekick.

Lawrence was given a more complicated and conflicted Mystique to play, one who struggled constantly throughout the movies with accepting her mutation and trying to find a place in a world that fears her. In Days of Future Past, she was a key player whose assassination of Bolivar Trask would bring about a world where mutants where hunted and exterminated by giant robots called sentinals (the big pink and purple ones from the 90’s cartoons).

Even after the underwhelming Apocalypse, Lawrence looks set to reprise her role in the upcoming Simon Kinberg sequel, Dark Phoenix, for a fourth time next year.

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