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Close Encounters of the Nice Kind: friendly ET’s in movies

Tony Black, as Close Encounters returns to our screens, looks at the friendlier ET's in movies...


Speaking of Christ parallels! The most famous kindly alien of all in 20th century cinema has to be Superman aka Clark Kent, a geeky journalist and son of a farming couple after he crash-lands in middle America as a baby after the destruction of his planet, Krypton. Already one of the most famous comic book characters in history, dating back to the 1930’s, it took until 1978 for Supes to get the proper big screen treatment thanks to Richard Donner’s ground breaking superhero film. Numerous sequels have followed, many with Christopher Reeve as Superman in the role that marked his tragically short career, but none come close to the magic of this original, alongside John Williams’ legendary score.

Let’s try and forget the fact recently Superman has been pitched, in Henry Cavill’s version, as a morally dubious alien God-figure. Superman is the purest of pure alien hero characters who falls in love with a human girl and humanity itself.

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