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Steven Spielberg: (A Very Subjective) Favourite 5 Films

Tony Black runs down some of Steven Spielberg's best movies...

Close Encounters of the Third Kind has been released this week to celebrate it’s 40 year anniversary, a film which for many could well be their favourite from ‘visionary director’ (as he’s now known from the Ready Player One trailers) Steven Spielberg.

Trying to choose a favourite Spielberg film is akin to picking which of your children you like most, or which is the best Star Wars film (*coughEmpirecough*). It’s ruddy hard and like all art, it’s massively subjective. For every five people who choose Jaws, one is going to plumb for Raiders. It’s understandable.

To celebrate Close Encounters re-appearing on our cinema screens, Set The Tape‘s Tony Black presents his five favourite Spielberg pictures, in order of release.

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