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Outlander: 5 other Time Travel series to seek out

Tony Black talks some of the other essential time travel series to catch as Outlander returns...

11.22.63 (2016)

Oddly enough, this adaptation of Stephen King’s enormous time travel historical romance 11.22.63 shares some DNA with the aforementioned Goodnight Sweetheart, if again tonally they are poles apart. Produced by JJ Abrams through his Bad Robot stable, and developed by Bridget Carpenter, 11.22.63 tells the story of Jake Epping, played by a sizeable film star name in James Franco, an English teacher from Maine (where else?), recently divorced, who finds himself given the opportunity to travel back in time to Dallas 1960 by Chris Cooper’s kindly old friend Al Templeton (Al again…). What’s coming up in three short years? The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which Jake sees it as his mission to prevent.

To a degree this edges 11.22.63 toward the arena of alternate history, much like The Man in the High Castle on Amazon, but certainly King’s vast tome is as concerned with the life Jake attempts to make in somewhat of a halcyon American era, and the woman he meets who begins to convince him he doesn’t have anything worth going back to in the modern era. King himself has expressed a desire to see a follow up to what is, rarely thanks to Hulu, a one-shot story, so maybe Jake’s time travelling escapade will continue on screen.

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