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Staff Reaction – Tomb Raider trailer

We love a good trailer at Set The Tape, and whenever one lands for a major new film, TV show or game, we plan on sharing our first thoughts about what we made of it.

Yesterday saw the world premiere of the trailer for 2018’s Tomb Raider reboot, starring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. Have another watch and then see what we made of it…

ANDREW BROOKER: “Looks excellent. From an adventure film standpoint, it looks like it’s going to be a two hour long adrenaline rush. From a gamer point of view, it looks like the big fun set pieces and the excellent bits of story exposition from the 2013 reboot are there in all their glory. I couldn’t be happier about that. Fingers crossed the much delayed Uncharted film takes a note or two. Let’s hope Lara doesn’t meet any of those truly grizzly ends from the game. And Vikander looks outstanding as the re-imagined Lara Croft. Move aside, Ms Jolie.”

ADAM MASSINGHAM: “Looks like it’ll be a fun action adventure with all the puzzle solving and action scenes bringing the game to life. Alicia Vikander really looks the part too. She’ll be awesome.”

LEE HUTCHISON: “Looks like it will be a fun romp from the trailer but none of the characters and Vikander stand out to me at this stage, though I can count on Nick Frost. The story that kickstarts the movie reminds me of The Amazing Spider-Man – hopefully not a bad omen!”

DAN TAYLOR: “Vikander looks like she’ll continue to impress and dare I say it, might this be the first successful video game adaptation in a while!?”

SARAH BLAIR: “Super excited to see more brains and braun, and less boobs for this character. It looks like there’s high action and tons of badassery to look forward to. Can’t wait to see this!”

EAMON HENNEDY: “Definitely looks an improvement over the Angelina Jolie movies. Didn’t expect to be intrigued to see this, but surprisingly I am.”

JAMES MURPHY: “They have clearly tried to please everyone here: is this a remake/reboot/soft reboot? Who knows? One cannot please everyone and here is a trailer that doesn’t please me in the slightest.”

CALEB AUSTIN BURNETT: “This looks like it could be a very well done video game adaptation. I am interested to hear the sound design and film scoring/cuing they will go with because it has the potential to be fantastic. I love the way it is shot, as it looks like a slight departure from the over-stylized action of recent years and a trip back to years past.”

JENN REID: “Personally, I’m not too impressed. The action sequences look fairly generic and Vikander looks devoid of personality or charm, minus the end tag that actually made me groan. The plot seems okay and I like that they’re including actual puzzles, too! This might not be another mindless action movie, and the addition of Walton Goggins is *always* a good thing. I’ll give this Tomb Raider a chance and hopefully be pleasantly surprised, but this trailer does not inspire confidence.”

NICK LAY: “So far it looks far more true to the spirit of original games than the ol’ Jolie version, but overall it didn’t really excite me. The origin of Lara Croft was never a story that needed to be told, she was just a badass explorer who disliked the world being destroyed and knew her way around a firearm or two. An all out action flick would have been way more enticing…”

What do you think? Agree or disagree with our thoughts? Let us know what you made of the trailer.

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