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Cold Feet – 7×03 Review

Baz Greenland reviews the latest episode of Cold Feet. Warning of spoilers for those who haven't watched episode three yet...

This week’s Cold Feet was the strongest yet, dealing with the dramatic fallout of episode two’s revelation; Olivia is pregnant with Matthew’s child. It gave the show focus again after leaving its characters’ storylines a little scattered in the opening two episodes. Yes, Pete and Jenny still feel like they’re living their own show, only occasionally guest starring in the lives of Adam, Karen and David, but even that sub plot was well handled.

It also really allowed Ceallach Spellman and Daisy Edgar-Jones to really prove their acting chops around the older, more established cast members, giving them a rollercoaster storyline. There was humour (“we’re getting married!”) and tragedy, particularly in the final scenes where they watched their baby on the ultrasound screen but still went through with the heavy choice to have an abortion. I particularly loved every scene between Edgar-Jones and Hermione Norris’ Karen, the latter proving that she is still the show’s best weapon in the acting stakes.

Whether you agreed with the decision or not, it was still sensitively handled, much in the same way as the superb Pete’s depression of Series Six. Norris bubbled between quiet rage and despair and compassion as she fought against Adam for not telling her about the pregnancy, he of course finding out a whole day before her, to consoling and supporting Olivia without ever making any judgement. And you had to feel for Karen too, seemingly losing her business and dealing with her own family trauma simultaneously.

There was some nice, gentle humour in the absence of Jenny’s mum, who vanished to look for her sister’s grave and got lost, all the while battling her aloof older sister and her plans to head off to meet the mountie she met online. The scene at the grave at Jenny’s decision to move her mum into her home was incredibly endearing, adding to the emotional intensity of the episode.

And the baby storyline didn’t completely overwhelm all the other storylines too.  Adam and Sarah reconciled their friendship at work and there was possibly a hint of more to come. The fact that Leanne Best isn’t headlining yet as Tina still suggests that she might not be on the show forever, but I hope an affair between Adam and Sarah won’t be the way that happens – as ironic as it may be.

And David also found himself in murky waters, kidnapped by – we guessed it – Nikki’s husband, who was full-on Manchester gangster vibe in the guise of Robert Glenister. It’s an awkward but somewhat unnerving storyline he is heading into, agreeing to manage George’s finances; do we really believe Niki, with her bandaged nose really had a surprise nose job? She’s failed to escape this marriage once and I assume she’ll try and get David to help again.

Episode three had plenty to keep audiences entertained but at its heart was a powerful insight into teenage pregnancy and its impact on everyone. It was sensitively handled, and Ceallach Spellman and Daisy Edgar-Jones really stepped up and showed that even with all its comic moments, the show isn’t afraid to delve deep into the emotional stakes too…

What did you think of this episode? Are you enjoying this series of Cold Feet? Let us know!

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