Pharaonic – 5 games set in ancient locations

As Pharonic is released, Amy Walker looks at interesting ancient locations in gaming...

With set pieces that films can still only hope to replicate, video games are a medium that can make the most of any location or time period. With so many games set in the modern world, or highly futuristic environments, it’s easy to forget just how amazing our own ancient history can be, and how well they work in the gaming medium.

As the brand new, ancient Egypt set Pharaonic gets a release, we take a look back at some of the best games set in ancient locations.

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  1. I really liked Gladius on the Xbox, but not many people seem to have played it. You had to create a faction / team of gladiators in turn-based combat. Allowed for what felt like a lot of customisation and was great fun in co-op. Had some very cool looking levels. Not sure how well it would hold up today! But at the time it was excellent.

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