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Lawrence of Arabia’s Peter O’Toole – Top 5 performances

Jenn Reid presents the top 5 performances of the late Lawrence of Arabia legend...

If, for whatever reason, you’re not familiar with Peter O’Toole, now is the time to rectify that situation. O’Toole’s most famous film, Lawrence of Arabia, is about to be re-released in the UK, and who could ask for a better reason to look back at the star’s filmography?

To catch you up: O’Toole is considered one of the best British actors of all time, with amazing performances on stage and screen. Between the 1960’s and 2000’s, he racked up a total eight Oscar nominations and zero wins — yes, that is a record. He did receive an honorary award in 2003, but he still holds the title of the most nominated actor with no wins.

The reason behind that might be his behind-the-scenes persona: he was a total lush and an infamous hot mess. But even that doesn’t get in the way of raw talent, which O’Toole definitely possessed. So let’s take a look back at his five best performances over a five-decade long career.

But first! The honourable mentions: The Ruling Class, Goodbye Mr. Chips and Ratatouille (yes I’m serious. Don’t @ me).

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