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Flatliners: 5 must see Cult Classic remakes

As Flatliners debuts this weekend, Greg Mucci looks at five other cult classic remakes...

Evil Dead (2013)

Taking us back into the woods that we never quite made it out of is Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead, dropping ‘The’ from its title and cutting straight to the bone to give us one of the goriest, gutsy, savagely violent and sensory castrating horror incarnations to grace the big screen. Replacing the affable charm and goofy antics of Bruce Campbell’s Ash is the dope-nose seriousness of Mia, a waning heroin addict who is brought by her friends and brother to a remote cabin in order to kick the habit.

If you never thought of the ramshackle nature of the cabin as a character, then you will once you step inside Alvarez’s recreation, its floorboards squeaking like trapped souls that can barely muster a syllable from the copious amounts of blood that stain the basement floors. Hanging cats, rusty chains, burnt wood caked with hair, and a flesh wrapped, barbed wire bound book of the dead litter the evil grounds of our heroine’s makeshift rehab.

By the second act, all of this is coated in blood from our trapped group, the outskirts and safe passage home flooded from the Necronomicon’s ill intent. Sure, we’ve seen what one of the earliest Video Nasties conjures up, but it’s nothing compared to what befalls the diabolically drenched denizens of our cabin in the woods. If Sam Raimi’s original masterpiece feels like a fungi trip into a thorn bush, then Fede Alvarez’s remake is an aggressive comedown from that trip, its blood soaked grandeur acting as a stabilizer to its manic descent into madness.

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