Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES Part 2 – All 21 games round-up (16-12)

Matt Lambourne with part 2 of his SNES Classic Mini games roundup...

12. Super Punch-Out (1994)

The sequel to one of the best arcade boxing games ever! Super Punch Out is the classic formula re-vamped and upgraded for 16-bit technology and it works superbly.

The control system is super simple, with the player being able to punch low or high with their left and right hand, and deliver a special Super Punch/Combo once the special metre has fully charged. The game isn’t a straight-up rock’em sock’em, your opponents attack in set patterns with each having an individual weakness that you must identify and exploit, you can’t go in all guns blazing, or you’ll be laid out on the canvas in no-time.

It’s very much a call-back to when games were entirely pattern based, as such takes patience and timing to learn and do well, but delivers a very satisfying combination of challenge and achievement, with just the right learning curve.

If you picked up the NES classic mini last year and enjoyed Punch-Out, then you’ll absolutely love this Knockout Sequel!

We’ll be back with Part 3 of our SNES Classic Mini round-up tomorrow. let us know what you’re favourite games are on the list via Twitter (@SetTheTape) and in the comments below.

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