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Cold Feet – 7×04 – Review

Baz Greenland reviews the latest episode of Cold Feet. Warning of spoilers for those who haven't watched episode three yet...

After the emotion drama of Matthew and Olivia’s pregnancy announcement and abortion, this week’s Cold Feet had sex on the brain as the show balanced relationship turmoil with some great humour.

Tina’s sex tape with ex-lover Jamie formed the focus of the episode; just how graphic must it have been to have gone viral across several different schools? It certainly put a dent in her relationship with Adam as he faced insecurities about his own sexual prowess and then descended into angry, jealous boyfriend. The scene where he imagined Jamie turning up in their bedroom mid-couitous was hilarious, particualrly when Jamie started to undress and proceeded to demonstrate how to have sex with Tina while a naked Adam watched on.

I assumed that if it wasn’t Jamie, it was his ex-wife and Adam’s colleague Sarah who had leaked the footage; the reveal that it was son friend of Jamie’s that he had shared the video with years ago fell a bit flat. But the episode was more concerned with the fallout, rather than the mystery, and Adam striking Jamie and then rushing to confront Tina after she went to say goodbye led to the reveal that Adam’s been working with Sarah all along. I would have assumed Adam and Tina would get over the argument next week, but her continued status as guest star suggest that maybe it might be so easily resolved.

The highlight of the episode had to be the revelation that Jenny and Pete had once to make a sex tape of their own. In true Cold Feet fashion, it wasn’t the graphic sex scene we were expecting (the show has plenty of adult humour but not adult content) but a hilarious video where they dressed up in outfits and Pete attempted to sexily feed her food from the fridge.

From Jenny’s reaction to the chilli sauce “I’m not putting that in my crevices” to his attempt to force feed her out of date yogurt by shoving two fingers down her throat, it was a laugh out loud moment; possibly the best comedy sequence of series seven so far. After being largely in the background for this series (the storyline with her mother is sweet but a little more mundane), it was great to give Fay Ripley and John Thomson something fun to do.

And while Pete and Jenny wondered if her mother was really going senile (turns out rather bizarrely it was their daughter Chloe hiding her phone and distracting her gran to get her out of the house), there was some good stuff with Karen and David too. He has been more pathetic than loveable since the show returned last year, but we got to see him step up this week. First he attempted to save Nikki after he saw the full force of what her husband George’s anger could bring. And then he stepped up to help Karen save her business from snivelling business partner Benjamin Stevens and enabling her buy out his stake in her publishing business rather than let him steal it away from her or sell it at an inflated price.

I could have probably done without the scene where David and Karen imagined Benjamin in a gimp outfit in order to undermine negotiations, but it suited the theme of the episode well. I’m always conflicted on whether Karen and David should ever actually get back together – she’s in many ways too good for him – but I’d like to seem them as proper friends, which was suggested here.

This was a solid, fun episode of Cold Feet; the mystery of who leaked Tina’s sex tape was a bit forced and flat but it did give us the hilarious attempt by Pete and Jenny. There was also some nice development between David and Karen, with David finally emerging as a likeable hero. It wasn’t as strong as last week, but it’s still very entertaining television nonetheless.

Are you watching this season of Cold Feet? What did you think of the episode? Let us know!

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