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Star Trek: Ranking the top episodes of Deep Space Nine

Baz Greenland, as Star Trek Discovery continues, ranks the top episode of Deep Space Nine...

Duet (S1, E19)

As a rule, all Star Trek spin-offs don’t have great first seasons, something which Star Trek: Discovery is looking to change. Deep Space Nine had perhaps the strongest first year as it was the only one to deliver an all time classic. In fact, ‘Duet’ is so good, it was one of Deep Space Nine‘s best episodes full stop.

The show delivered many emotional, character driven episodes, with ‘The Visitor’ and ‘Far Beyond The Stars’ all vying for position in the top ten. But none quite beat the mesmerising interplay between Nana Visitor’s Kira and Harris Yulin’s Cardassian Aamin Marritza, as she discovers he is a war criminal responsible for thousands of Bajoran deaths, determined to interrogate him for his crimes.

The episode rests on the interplay between Visitor and Yulin and they deliver every moment of it. Her realization that he is actually innocent and was just a filing clerk who saw the atrocities is a chilling allegory for the Nazi death camps, and her journey from hatred to compassion is utterly absorbing, and shows just how dark the show would dare to go to deliver great drama. This late season one episode showed that this was not another shiny copy of its predecessors.

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