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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – The story so far

Amy Walker talks us through the story so far of Power Rangers Ninja Steel...

The latest series in the popular Power Rangers franchise, which will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year, is Ninja Steel. Well into its first season, before we begin reviewing the show, let’s catch you up on what’s happened in the season so far…

Beginning ten year ago, the mysterious Ninja Nexus Prism crashes down to Earth at the home of Dane Romero, the world’s greatest ninja. Removing the Ninja Steel around the Prism, Dane revealed the Ninja Power Star within.

When the vile space villain, and champion of the Galaxy Warriors show, Galvanax arrives at Dane’s home he sends his eldest son Aiden into hiding with the Ninja Steel whilst he faces Galvanax in order to save his youngest son Brody, who has been taken prisoner. During the battle between Galvanax and Dane, the Ninja Nexus Prism appears and allows Dane to remove the Star within, transforming him into the Red Ninja Steel Ranger.

Despite this, Galvanax defeats Dane and claims the star for himself. Before the power can enter Galvanax, Dane destroys it with his sword, shattering it into six separate stars that return to the Prism. With Dane now vanished, Galvanax takes the Prism back to his ship, along with Brody.

Ten years later, Galvanax has yet to retrieve a Ninja Power Star from the prism, and is using the contestants of Galaxy Warriors to try to remove a Star for him. When Galvanax and his lieutenants choose to return to Earth to find the Ninja Steel, Brody fears for his brother’s safety.

Aided by his friends Mick and Redbot, Brody steals the Ninja Nexus Prism and flees to Earth. Seeing Brody crash down to Earth, two local students, Sarah and Preston, arrive to see if anyone needs help. Attacked by one of the monsters Galvanax has sent after them, they each pull a Ninja Nexus Star from the Prism and transform into the Red, Blue, and Pink Power Rangers.

Landing on Earth separately to Brody, Mick is aided by another pair of local teens, Hayley and Calvin. Together the three of them are able to find the missing Ninja Steel hidden at the local school, and Hayley and Calvin receive their own Ninja Power Stars, becoming the White and Yellow Rangers. Using the local school as their base of operations, the new Power Ranger team fight off the monsters that Galvanax sends after their Ninja Power Stars, whilst Mick and Redbot forge new Ninja Star weapons for the team.

When a mysterious Gold Ranger arrives, the team discover that the famous country music artist Levi Weston is the sixth Ranger. Revealing that upon receiving his Ninja Power Star he was captured by Madame Odius, Galvanax’s chief advisor, Levi puts his music career on hold in order to aid the Rangers in their battle.

After working alongside the Rangers for some time the group learn that Levi’s memories were tampered with whilst he was the prisoner of Madame Odius. When his memories are returned to him, Levi learns that he is in fact Aiden Romero, Brody’s older brother. With his memories now returned, Brody and Levi are able to reconnect as a family.

In Galvanax’s latest scheme, he tricks Princess Viera, a member of the Royal Family of the Lion Galaxy into fighting the Rangers, making her believe that they are evil. Upon learning that the Rangers are in fact kind and caring people Viera begins to see that there are ways to rule other than with strength.

Sending a monster against Viera and the Rangers, Galvanax was able to disable Viera’s ship, the mighty Fire Lion Zord. Her ship damaged and unable to fly, Viera is now trapped on Earth along with the Power Rangers…

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