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Blood Simple: Five great Coen Brothers movies

Jenn Reid looks at five of the greatest Coen Brothers movies as Blood Simple returns to cinemas...

Hail, Caesar! (2016)

When people say the phrase ‘lesser Coen brothers’ film, what they usually mean is a Coen brothers comedy. Burn After Reading, O Brother Where Out Thou and the recent Hail, Caesar! all fall victim to the ‘lesser’ categorization, which means they’re all brilliantly hilarious. How could a movie that includes a Channing Tatum dance number, Tilda Swinton playing twins and George Clooney being kidnapped by an underground Communist cell ever be considered lesser?

And that’s not even mentioning the rightfully most famous scene: a posh, affected Ralph Fiennes trying to get a cowboy Alden Ehrenreich to pronounce one line. That callback to that joke late in the film is one of my favourite Coen comedy beats of all time — I actually had to pause the film to laugh.

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