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Thunderbirds – Top 5 Episodes

Attack of the Alligators!


The ultimate big-budget addition to the series, Attack of the Alligators! is well-known for the controversial inclusion on set of real-life juvenile crocodiles, which apparently received electric shocks to induce movement (though no animal cruelty charges were filed). When a new growth chemical and potential antidote to world famine, Theramine, is accidentally released into a South American swamp, the local alligators rapidly double in size and proceed to attack the isolated house in which the Theramine laboratory is located.

A special effects masterpiece of mid-60s television, the episode is worth watching from a technical standpoint alone. However, though the crocs steal the show, ‘Attack of the Alligators!’ is memorable also for its nightmarish jungle setting and haunted house-vibe, with night-time thunder storms, old wooden doors slowly creaking open and a collection of odd, altogether creepy characters taking centre stage long before the crocs come out to play.

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