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The Exorcist: 5 Horror Films that need a TV Show

As The Exorcist is about to return to TV, Amy Walker ponders other classic horror movies which could jump to the small screen...

The Thing

The Thing is one of the all time great horror films, not least because of the genuine horror of not knowing who you can trust in a scenario where your life is in danger. When your most trusted friend could turn out to be a monster who wants to take you over, how could you ever know who was real? This would make a great basis for a horror series.

I’d propose a show that would be more of a sequel to The Thing, rather than an adaptation. Create a show where the titular monster has made it off the Arctic. Set it in a world where the monster has managed to spread and take over most life.

Not only would this allow you to make a post-apocalyptic show, which are always popular, but a show that would be full of tension and horror as the survivors would never be able to let their guard down, even with each other.

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