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LEGO Ninjago: 5 Other LEGO Properties That Could Be Adapted To Film

Amy Walker looks at which other properties LEGO should adapt next...

With the popularity of the LEGO films going from strength to strength, and Lego Ninjago having hit screens, what other LEGO franchises could be adapted to the next film? Here’s a list of five pre-existing LEGO properties that could make the transition.


LEGO Nexo Knights

Though a new addition to the LEGO universe, Nexo Knights has proven to be a popular one with its blend of medieval fantasy and science fiction.

LEGO Nexo Knights follows a group of five young knights, Aaron, Lance, Clay, Axl, and Princess Macy who protect the kingdom of Knighton from the evil clown Jestro and his army of lava monsters.

With a television series based upon Nexo Knights already in its fourth season a film adaptation could continue on with the story already established (much in the same way that the Ninjago movie has), or it could be something of a reboot of the franchise, retelling the origin of the Nexo Knight universe to help introduce new fans to the franchise.


LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

The Freemaker Adventures is the most recent addition to the Star Wars universe LEGO have made, with the series following the Freemaker family, Zander, Rowan, and Kordi (along with their old battle droid Roger).

The first season of the show saw the Freemaker family searching for the pieces of the fabled Kyber Sabre before the Empire get their hands on the weapon, and the second series had the Freemakers join with the Rebel Alliance during the gap between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

With Star Wars as popular as ever, and the series now at a point between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, now might be a good time to explore the events between the original trilogy and the new entries in the saga with a Freemaker movie.

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