Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip – Comic Review

Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip is my first Ghostbusters comic read in a long time; and it’s an absolutely brilliant way to jump back into the series, collecting together all 11 issues of the third volume of the ongoing series, the 2015 annual, and four issues of the Ghostbusters: Get Real mini-series; all in one gorgeous hardcover collection.

Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip begins with the Ghostbusters: Get Real mini-series, with the Ghostbusters of the 1980’s cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters tackling a vengeful elder god Proteus. When this group of ghostbusters are transported across dimensions to the world of the Ghostbuster comics the two teams must work together to stop Proteus, and find a way to get the other team home.

As someone who holds fond memories of The Real Ghostbusters show from my childhood, it’s brilliant to see the show so faithfully recreated within the pages of this book. The character designs not only stand out in stark contrast to the regular Ghostbusters, all big hair and bright colours, but the sections set within their dimension have a completely different look to it, like a filter has been applied to the artwork to make it look like an episode on VHS.

The choice to keep the two styles so distinct and different means that you always know which version of the characters you’re dealing with in any particular scene, and which world they’re in. It’s a bold choice, but one that serves the story well.

The mini-series also manages to pack in a lot of fun references and cameo appearances too, including a brief scene with the Extreme Ghostbusters. This helps to flesh out the idea of a massive Ghostbusters multiverse, something which is explored a little later on in the book where the possible reasons for the creation of the multiverse is explored.

Once the hijinks with the multiple teams is resolved the rest of the book follows the Ghostbusters as they’re recruited by a mysterious businessman to clear ghosts out of locations all around the world so that they can be redeveloped. Queue a globe trekking adventure that sees our heroes visit some of the iconic haunted locations around the world, including Poveglia Island, Paris, and Aokigahara Suicide Forest.

Seeing the Ghostbusters outside of New York makes for a great change, one in which the characters not only get to visit new locations, but also fight creatures of other mythology, such as Japanese Yurei, and Irish Banshee’s. Some of these creatures have some brilliant designs, with the skinless ghost of Jean L’ecorcheur in particular jumping out of the pages as a very memorable and disturbing image.

When a particularly powerful threat rears its head the Ghostbusters have to call upon their allies to help them, including their counterparts from The Real Ghostbusters universe, in order to save the world, and one of their own.

Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip packs a lot of issues within its pages, and whilst it’s a big read it manages to include several well told stories, dozens of great character moments, emotion and heartache, and humour that makes it an easy read.

With beautiful artwork, great monster design, and cameos and easter eggs aplenty, this is an essential read for any fan of the franchise, whether they’ve read any of the comics before or not.

Ghostbusters: Interdimensional Cross-Rip is written by Erik Burnham (Author) and Dan Schoening (Artist). Let us know in the comments if you too are a fan of the series.

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