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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Trailer Reaction (Set The Tape Staff)

You must have seen the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi by now. It’s even being beamed to Saturn, if that’s where you’re living right now*.

As one of the biggest trailers out there right now, we at Set The Tape have opinions on how its looking which we thought we’d share. In case your Saturn satellite dish isn’t working, here’s the trailer again and our thoughts follow beyond…

*statement not 100% fact checked.

NICK LAY: After seeing Rian Johnson suggest people should avoid watching if they wanted to “go in clean”, I was worried it would give too much away. Thankfully, any potential spoilers seem to be firmly tied in with plenty of misdirection. As for the content, it definitely has me more pumped than the teaser. I’m still disappointed at how “original trilogy” the whole thing feels, but we have to live with that thanks to The Force Awakens, and at least this time we have Luke bloody Skywalker, whose scenes will no doubt be a highlight throughout. The production looks great, the score sounds superb (so far)…here’s hoping Rian has done the business when it comes to the story and its execution.

IAN PATERSON: Good lord…

CLARA COOK: It looks very dark. Apart from the little roaring penguin of course…

BAZ GREENLAND: Love the antagonistic nature of Luke Skywalker, the tease of Kylo Ren and Rey working together, the shots of Leia in battle and how it has all so obviously been cut in a way that you get a feel for how dark it will be while knowing nothing and suspecting everything you’ve seen is probably misdirection. I appreciate that every trailer for the Star Wars films since The Force Awakens have been enough to excite you without revealing much at all. I hope (and suspect) this trailer will do the same.
LESLIE BYRON PITT: As always. Meh. Lucas’ trailers for the prequels were generally quite eye catching. This looks fine I guess. The reverse shots of Driver and Fisher are revealing and emotional. Apart from that I’m not impressed because I’m not too interested in Star Wars. I honestly believe it’s one of the genuine reasons we’re stuck in a period of arrested development. But I’ll stop there because that’s being negative about Star Wars. Something that’s punishable by death on the internet.

KEVIN WIGHT: It hasn’t got me jumping with excitement to be honest. They’ve gone for all the big emotional beats with Luke and Leia without giving anything much away story wise (although I’d be surprised if it didn’t end up mirroring Empire… in some way. If you’re a massive fan, there’s a lot to look forward to. I’m somewhat force agnostic so I won’t be camping out to get to the first screenings.

TONY BLACK: It feels stooped in Wars mythology, which was what I was hoping for. I suspect it’ll be a deeper film than TFA, but probably harder to love at first, maybe even more polarising. A Wars film that people who dislike Wars could well get more out of, strangely. That trailer had a richness to it that genuinely excites me.

STEVE NORMAN: Shut up and take my money

MATT LATHAM: I didn’t really have any excited reaction to it, sadly. Looks good but didn’t feel pumped up for it.

AMY WALKER: An intriguing trailer, though one that I can’t help by feel is messing with us. There’s a lot of hints in the trailer of shifting allegiances, which I think is misdirected, much in the same way that the Rogue One trailer wanted us to think that Jyn would turn to the Empire. There’s a lot here to be excited for though, and it looks like there will be a lot of plot holes and missing information will be filled in with this film. And having just read the Phasma novel, if Finn hasn’t been doing some serious training since The Force Awakens he’s going to get his arse kicked when he fights her.
What do you think of the trailer? Let us know!

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