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Arrow: comic-book stories the show could adapt

As Arrow prepares to return, Amy Walker suggests a few comic book ideas to show could adapt...

Snowbirds Don’t Fly

Originally published as part of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series, Snowbirds Don’t Fly is a story with one of the most iconic covers of all time: Green Arrow finding his sidekick taking heroin.

Whilst in the original this was Roy Harper, changing this to Oliver’s sister Thea would work well for the series, especially as the show has touched upon her history with drugs before. If the show made Thea’s drug use explicit, having her become a heroin addict would make for a very compelling storyline.

The series could focus on the effect that it would have on Thea, her relationship with Oliver, the political career of the both of them, and how Oliver would treat those within Star City who deal drugs. It would make for a much darker storyline than the series has done in a long while, but it could prove very interesting.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow

The one story fans have been wanting for years, and one that we’ve been waiting for since the blink and you’ll miss him appearance of Hal Jordan in season three; Green Lantern/Green Arrow saw Oliver Queen team up with Hal Jordan to travel across America, tackling issues such as social inequality, racism, poverty, drug use, and cults.

With many of the social issues that the world faces in real life today, and in America especially, teaming up a left-wing and right-wing super-hero to look into such issues could offer the team behind Arrow the chance to tackle more relevant stories.

Even if the producers of Arrow wanted to abandon the concept of the two heroes travelling the country together, fans would be more than happy just to see Green Arrow and Green Lantern together on the screen.

Arrow returns on Sky in the UK this week. What story would you choose for Arrow to adapt?

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