Uncle Scrooge #31 – Comic Review

Amy Walker reviews issue thirty one of IDW's Uncle Scrooge...

As with previous issues, Uncle Scrooge #31 collects together several short stories previously published in other comics around the world, bringing them to a US audience. This issue contains four such adventures.

Story One – Sins of the Sorcery Summit

The first story of the issue, originally published in issue #44 of the Dutch Donald Duck comic, sees the evil witch Magica De Spell calling together a number of other witches to help her to steal Scrooge McDucks number one dime.

This first story  manages to weave two very separate stories together into one cohesive tale in surprising ways, with the A and B plots feeling very separate until the final moments. The adventure itself is very simple, yet manages to pack in a lot of mystery and twists that mean you’ll not see the end comic.

Story Two – Halloween Shivers

Originally published in Topolino #2183 in Italy, Halloween Shivers is a single page strip that sees Donald Duck at the movies with Daisy Duck, the two of them watching a horror movie. When Donald annoys her by narrating along with the movie, Daisy dumps her ice cream on top of him.

There’s little to talk about in regards to this part of the book, it only being a one page strip, however, it’s sure to entertain completionists who want to experience everything Ducktales has to offer.

Story Three – Belle, Book and Bungle

The third story, published in the Danish Anders and & Co. #9, sees the witch Magica Da Spell recruit Belle Duck to be her assistant.

After turning herself into a dragon in an attempt to seal Scrooge’s number one dime, Magica Da Spell receives an injury to her back, making her unable to perform any schemes. When Belle Duck is given a single penny from Scrooge to help towards repairing her boat Magica realises that she can use Belle to help get the dime.


Possibly the most enjoyable story in the issue, it’s nice to see a non-main character get given the spotlight for once, and given the chance to play opposite Magica. Belle turns out be something of a surprise hero, one who in the end is able to show her ingenuity in beating the villain. A simple but effective story.

Story Four – Celebrity Crushed

In the issue’s final story, originally published in Topolino #3045, Dickie Duck gets called to help April, May, and June, who find themselves heartbroken over their crushes, the boy band The Quacker Boyz announce their engagement to Duckstiny’s Child on Facebeak (yes, all these puns are in the book).

Dickie consoles the girls and manages to convince them that they can get over their childhood crushes, taking them out for ice cream. However, when they’re getting their ice cream Dickie finds out that her own childhood crush, the Hollywood actor John Ququak is nearby, she runs off declaring her love for him.

A quick and simple story, there’s not a great deal of depth to Celebrity Crushed, however, the ridiculous puns do manage to entertain.

Overall, Uncle Scrooge #31 delivers a mixture of stories and tones that brings together several characters and adventures from across the Ducktales universe.

Uncle Scrooge #31 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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