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Cold Feet 7×07 – Review

Spoilers ahead as Baz Greenland delves into the events of Cold Feet's series seven finale...

And just like that, the finale of Cold Feet season seven is upon us. I was expecting an eighth episode like last year, but it was clear that after all the turmoil of episode six, this was the natural conclusion and it certainly packed a lot in. It was a satisfying ending to a series which, while not as good as last year’s return, was still enjoyable fare with old friends – and some new.

Every relationship got a final airing, well expect Matthew and Olivia, who like the rest of the teenagers, were relegated to supporting cast only while the adults took the lead. Karen learned that her potential new boyfriend Gareth was a single father of two young children and had to decide whether their chemistry was enough to make her consider going down the young parenting route. It wasn’t a huge focus but it did give Karen some closure if this is where the show ends (no eighth series has yet been commissioned) as she decided to continue with her new relationship.

Naturally, things were ever going to be quite so simple with David and Nikki and her vengeful ex husband was quick to threaten his daughters with extreme violence. It was a shocking but understandable play from Robert Glenister’s thug of a character, but the resolution wasn’t quite so well played out. When he should have gone to the police immediately, David chose to seek the advice of an old cellmate from last series’ incarceration and went to confront George with a gun. The moment it went off I wondered just how far the show would go (was it actually loaded?) but the episode didn’t make David a murder, which would have been a rather bleak ending if this was the end. It was enough to force Nikki to get both men together to resolve the problem with a little blackmail of her own, allowing David and her walk off into the sunset together. Yes, some might still hold out hope that Karen and David would eventually reunite (my wife included), but honestly, it’s much better this way.

The main focus was on Adam and Tina and Pete and Jenny after the revelations of the joint 50th birthday party last episode. I’ve said in all my reviews that I didn’t believe Tina and Adam would last, but this episode certainly pulled a few twists and turns before getting to that inevitable conclusion. Adam was forced to chose between Sarah and Tina and there was undeniable chemistry with both, something he tried to tell Pete who was more concerned with his greek starter analogy. The trouble is, both women have issues – Tina was originally the mistress of Sarah’s husband Jamie while Sarah’s whole connection with Adam was fuelled by revenge. And yet both Leanne Best and Amy Huberman brought some vulnerability and warmth to their performances so that neither remained unlikeable.

And Adam wasn’t much better; he did cheat on Tina with Sarah and his past relationships haven’t been much better (his quick marriage to Angela). The point this episode ultimately makes (and bravely too) is that he probably isn’t going to find another Rachel. If there is another series, I will be interested to see where Adam’s story goes next; will there be another serious love interest or will he better off alone? Interestingly, there is also the possibility for a reconciliation with Tina or Sarah; Sarah may have quit her job but she still has feelings for him too. And Tina certainly hints that just maybe they mind find they can’t be apart.

And finally we have Pete and Jenny who, for the second time in a row, have separated after twelve years of marriage. Both have problems; she can be selfish, he can be self righteous but both ultimately recognise that what they currently have isn’t working. Their separation finally gives Jenny reason to connect with her mother Barbara (a wonderful performance by Marji Campi) before learning through Adam what happened to Pete at the quarry last year (His almost suicide is still the finest moment of the whole Cold Feet revival). Yes their son Adam being beaten up in an offscreen encounter along with Olivia and Matthew feels contrived, but it does give Pete and Jenny a chance to finally talk.

And yes, the ending is a little cheesy but a little bit lovely too; Adam’s ego goes into the stratosphere by officiating their vow renewal and Karen’s speech starting with a series of insults was very amusing. But it was also a bittersweet ending, dealing with Pete and Jenny’s reconciliation along with Adam and Tina’s eventual separation.

Ultimately, series seven of Cold Feet didn’t quite have the magic and charm of series six, but perhaps that’s because we no longer have the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia. But it was still a great seven weeks, with delightful performances from all. There is no reason it can’t continue for another two or three series like the original; but if ends here, I’ll be satisfied.

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