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Should Star Wars Rebels Be Coming To An End?

Short answer to the question in the header: No.

Okay, in all seriousness, let’s have a proper discussion about Star Wars Rebels and if it should be ending with its fourth season.

At Star Wars Celebration 2017 the creator and producer of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni, announced that the series would be coming to an end with season four. While I’m sad to see a show that I love come to an end, there are some reasons why bringing it to a close is a good thing.

With the show being set before the events of Star War: A New Hope and charting the creation of the rebellion as we know it, it always felt like there would be some kind of definitive ending to the series. Now that the end has officially been announced it means that the series has a definitive ending, something that the Star Wars: The Clone Wars never had.

Ending the show on their own terms means that Star Wars Rebels will be able to bring the story of the Ghost crew to the end that they want.


Many fans have speculated that the series would have something of a bleak ending, suspecting that both Kanan and Ezra would be unlikely to make it out of the show alive as Luke is referred to as the ‘last of the Jedi’ by a number of characters who would have been aware of Kanan and Ezra.

We know that Hera and Chopper survive the end of the series due to Chopper appearing in both Rogue One and the second season of The Freemaker Adventures, and Hera being mentioned in Rogue One and also appearing in Freemakers. Despite this reassurance that at least two of our characters will survive the events of the final season, there are still characters that fans are desperate to know their fate.

By bringing the show to a conclusion at least fans will finally have these questions answered.

Dave Filoni has already said that the final season will have a darker tone than the rest of Rebels. Considering some of the darker storylines that the show has had in the past, such as the reunion between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker at the end of the second season, and how bleak an ending Disney managed to produce with Rogue One’s 12A age rating, there could be a number of deaths coming at the end of season four.


As much as I love the characters and the story of Star Wars Rebels, having the show end will finally answer the questions that have been awaiting an answer since the series began.

The end of Rebels would not necessarily mean the end of the characters or their stories. We know that Hera will go on to be an important general in the rebel alliance, and that Chopper will still be with her. The end of the series doesn’t have to be the end of Rebels. The characters can go on to appear in other series (such as some have done in both Forces of Destiny and Freemaker Adventures), they can have novels focusing on them, or they could even go on to appear in the upcoming films.

Yes, it will be sad to see a show I love come to an end, but ending on a high note, bringing their story to the end that they want, it means that the series can end in a satisfying way; one that will maintain the quality that we’ve come to expect from them. The end of Rebels will be sad, but I’m sure it’ll be satisfying too.

What did you think about Star Wars Rebels coming to an end? Should the show continue on, or is ending now the best thing? Let us know in comments or on social media.

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