5 Other FPS Games If You Love Call Of Duty


Star Wars Battlefront (PS4, Xbox One, Windows)

From a game with no multiplayer, to one that is nothing but multiplayer, Star Wars Battlefront is an online shooter that features a variety of gameplay modes, all set within the Star Wars universe.

Players can choose from smaller scale combat such as Hero Hunt, which sees players take on the roles of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Han Solo; massive scale battles like Walker Assault, which sees the Empire trying to destroy a Rebel base with AT-AT walkers; or even air combat in Fighter Squadron, where players put TIE Fighters and X-Wings against each other.

Despite criticism for a lack of single player campaign Star Wars Battlefront still offers an amazing shooter experience. Fortunately, the upcoming sequel seems to have responded to these criticisms by adding a canonical single player campaign.

Metro 2033 Red Background Poster

Metro 2033 (PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows)

Based upon the popular book by Russian author Dmitri Glukovsky, Metro 2033, is a survival horror first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic world, where survivors of the nuclear apocalypse dwell in the Moscow Metro tunnels.

Taking on the role of Artyom, the player must navigate their way through the tunnel system, fighting bandits, Nazis, and communists, as well as horrible mutant creatures, all the while trying to discover the mystery of the supernatural Dark Ones.

Metro 2033 mixes intense first person combat with stealth and horror sections in a setting that is truly unique amongst the genre. With a HD remaster having been released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, along with the sequel, Metro: Last Light, and a third game on the way, now is a perfect time to get into a great FPS series.


Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

One of the first games released on the Playstation 3, Resistance: Fall of Man is the first game in the Resistance series, a game that blends historic action with science fiction elements.

Set in a world where the alien insect race known as the Chimera invaded our world during the early 1900’s. Having taken over Russia and Europe by the 1950’s, the American forces have engaged the monstrous Chimera in the remains of Britain.

What follows is a mixture of World War 2 era combat and science fiction mystery as you fight not only for survival, but to uncover the mystery of the Chimera.

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  1. Interesting.
    For fun levels, both in campaign and MP, I’d probably swap out BF1 for Battlefield 3.
    Personally didn’t like Battlefront, would probably swap that out for Killzone 2.
    Honourable mention to the Modern Warfare trilogy. Harrowing and brilliant in the first, and amazing fun in the closing two.

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