Kid Lobotomy #2 – Comic Review

Kid Lobotomy issue two continues our introduction to the world of Black Crown, and adds some new characters to The Suites. Picking up where the previous issue left off, we discovers that Kid Lobotomy was not, in fact, killed by the deranged hotel guest. Instead, it was Ottla, the shape shifting staff member in Kid Lobotomy’s form that had her throat slashed.

Thankfully, such an injury isn’t life threatening for someone that can change their form. However, because of the trauma of the event Ottla is unable to immediately change out of Kid Lobotomy and back to herself. To help her break out of her half shifted form Kid Lobotomy has to perform a psychic lobotomy on himself.

Whilst this does work, it results in Kid Lobotomy accessing a repressed memory of a cockroach, which seems to result in him starting to transform into one. I say seems, because it’s never completely clear if this is actually happening, or if this is part of Kid Lobotomy’s madness. None of the other characters make reference to it, or seem particularly freaked out whenever they seem him mid transformation, but then this is a very bizarre world with some strange characters in it, so it wouldn’t surprise me that this could be happening and them not reference it.

Kid Lobotomy’s story reaches a peak this episode as his sister arrives in the hotel, intent at taking over and finally getting rid of her younger brother. The issue also introduces two new characters, Brigit Spooner, the hotel’s new artist in residence, and Adam Mee, a washed up writer that’s been living on the streets.

Mee is, so far, a rather unlikable character, one that’s become the victim of his won success and self belief. Having written a book that won awards and made him famous around the world his life soon fell apart, leading him to a dead end, and The Suites. Having found Brigit’s lost room key Adam Mee enters the hotel in order to get some time off the streets and ends up meeting Brigit, praising her artistic work.

It’s still not clear what kind of person Mee is, or where his story is going, but it does look like it will be connected to Brigit’s in some way. Brigit herself seems like one of the more positive characters in the book, having come into the hotel with a sense of happiness and eagerness to get to work and ‘art things up’ in the gloomy rooms.

Kid Lobotomy continues to be a strange book, one that blurs the lines between reality and madness. It’s not clear what is and isn’t happening to characters, whether things are part of their world or in Kid Lobotomy’s broken mind. Hopefully things will start to come together in coming issues, with more answers and a larger story becoming apparent, as if the book continues on like this for too much longer it will move from intriguing to boring.

Kid Lobotomy #2 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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