Batman: The Telltale Series – a few other DC characters who deserve their own game

Telltale are continuing to wow audiences with their incredible character driven video games, and are now about to release a second series of their much beloved Batman title.

With so many wonderful characters in the DC Universe to choose from, who else would deserve a Telltale game of their own?

Booster Gold

The greatest hero you’ve never heard of. Booster Gold is a hero from the future, who travelled back to modern day to seek fame and fortune. After becoming one of the guardians of the timestream alongside the Time Master Rip Hunter, Booster learnt to be a real hero as he protects all of reality.

Booster is a hugely underrated character, and one that deserves a video game focus. With the ability to travel throughout time, this opens the door to any setting, and the ability to have decisions in the past affect future settings, something that Telltale would do brilliantly.

John Constantine

John Constantine is a magician, and an arsehole. A working class occult detective, constantine is known for his cynicism, ruthless cunning, and constant smoking. Despite outward appearances of not caring, Constantine is driven by a passion to do good and combat the evil forces in the world, even if it costs his own soul.

A game centred on Constantine would be able to combine both classic superhero elements, as well as a darker horror vibe. The game would be able to draw on the DC universe’s deep occult mythology to show gamers a side of the comics they’ll not have seen before.

The Flash

With the popularity of The Flash television series, it would be easy to make a leap into video games for the character.

The game would be able to take a similar approach as the Batman game, splitting the action between The Flash and his alter ego, Barry Allen. The Flash could handle the action when it comes to fighting villains, whilst Barry could use his forensic scientist training to solve a mystery of who the villain is and how to fight them.

The Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps are the intergalactic police force of the DC Universe, made up of thousands of members from across the universe. The GLC offers the chance to have an extensive cast of characters to draw upon.

Telltale could easily craft an interesting and engaging super hero/cop drama mash-up story from the source material, and can set action literally anywhere within the universe. Possibly the biggest scope possible within the DC Universe, there’s very little limit to what could be done with the Green Lantern Corps.

Teen Titans

The Teen Titans are easily one of the most popular and recognisable superhero teams around. With dozens of members to choose from, including some of the most iconic characters in the DC Universe, there are so many variations of the team for Telltale to draw upon to create their own story.

A game based upon Teen Titans could split episodes between characters, shifting the player from one team member to another, it could focus on the drama of having a group of teenagers living and working together, and it could even include their most iconic villain, Deathstroke. With so many of the heroes and villains of Teen Titans so beloved by fans it would lend itself well to video game development.

What would your ideal DC Telltale game be? Are you looking forward to Batman: Season 2? Let us know.

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