Once Upon A Time 7×06 – ‘Wake Up Call’ – Review

Those that jumped on ship before this season are missing a treat. The last two episodes we’ve been treated to some real top quality storytelling with twists and turns a plenty. We were promised Lana Parrilla’s Regina/Roni would get her time to shine and shine she did. Looking almost Xena Warrior Princess-esque, Regina went through the full range of emotions as she came to the realisation that her son is now all grown up and may not need her anymore – certainly not in the same way he did when he was a ten year old.

Back in Hyperion Heights, we also got to see more of Roni’s mothering side as she was tasked with looking out for Lucy (Alison Fernandez), who is more convinced than ever of her fairytale fantasy after Roni discovered a photo of herself as Regina with young Henry in Victoria Belfrey’s (Gabrielle Anwar) secret attic in the last episode.

Also on top form again was Drizella/Ivy (Adelaide Kane) who alongside Regina/Roni was the focus of this episode as both of her alter egos attempted to step out from her mother’s shadow. Drizella, angry at mother for treating her as second best, tries to master magic in order to enact revenge on her. When her and Regina’s paths cross one more, Regina is reminded of another troubled mother/daughter relationship leading her to fall straight into Drizella’s trap.

Adelaide Kane has to be commended for coming in and changing the game with the type of performances that can rival one of the show’s main stars. Lana Parrilla has long been one of Once Upon A Time‘s finest actresses, why she’s never been considered for an Emmy is beyond me, but Kane is really giving her a run for her money. It can be so easy to go full pantomime on a show like this but Kane is really nailing the balance between camp and drama perfectly – but her character isn’t the only one learning from the best.

Weaver (Robert Carlyle) got back on his feet this week after recovering from Tilly’s (Rose Reynolds) attempt to waken up the beast inside, and in no time at all he was back to ordering Rogers (Colin O’Donoghue) around like nothing had even happened. Rogers himself was distracted by his own personal mission having seemingly made a break last episode in his pursuit to find the missing Eloise Gardener, who we assume will be the focus of the next episode.

Emma Booth was also back again as the mysterious Witch hiding out in Victoria’s attic and slowly she’s starting to become a more intriguing character. There are a number of rumours as to what her actual identity is but the most common theory is that she is Tangled‘s Mother Gothel. So far there isn’t much to support this theory other than her costume which does bare resemblance to the animated Disney villain but could Rogers’ Elouise Gardener also somehow be involved? After all, Mother Gothel kidnapped another young woman in the original story. Whatever her deal is, I’m convinced we’ll be finding out sooner rather than later.

While I don’t want to spoil the big reveals that were made in this episode, it is encouraging to the see the show moving along at this pace rather than dragging out the mystery so long that the audience lose interest. I’m sure there are plenty of twists still to come and many mysteries still to solve so it’s interesting to see them cut straight to the point with some of the larger points already. If you keep abreast of the news and the spoilers as I do, you’ll know some of what’s to come and it’s going to be really interesting to watch the show bring all these strands together.

Once Upon a Time airs on Netflix in the UK. Let us know what you think of the season.

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