Star Wars Battlefront II: 5 moments from Star Wars that would make great games

The Star Wars saga is filled with iconic moments, some on the big screen, some on television, and others buried deep within the lore and expanded universe. With so much to draw upon, what moments and events could be used for future Star Wars games?

The Siege of Mandalore

The Siege of Mandalore is one of the final battles of the Clone Wars conflict, and was planned as the final story arc of the Clone Wars television series before the show was cancelled.

With the ex-Sith Lord Darth Maul in control of Mandalore via a proxy leader and devoted following within the warrior caste, the Jedi High Council dispatched Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to take the rogue darksider down. Calling upon the former Jedi Ahsoka Tano for help, she was left to lead the fight against Maul alongside Captain Rex when Skywalker and Kenobi left to save Chancellor Palpatine (the events at the star of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith). Despite coming close to defeating Maul in an all out war between clone troopers and mandalorian soldiers, Ahsoka failed because Palpatine issued Order 66, whereby all of the clone troopers (except for Rex) turned against the former Jedi.

A game based upon The Siege of Mandalore would be able to take advantage of an era that fans are familiar with, but tell a story that still remains largely untold, able to include fan favourite characters like Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and Darth Maul.

Lords of the Sith

Set between the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Rebels, Lords of the Sith tells the story of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader falling victim to a terrorist strike above the planet of Ryloth, forcing the two Sith Lords to fight for survival on the planet’s surface, fighting alien creatures and rebels.

One of the grittier of the new Star Wars canon novels, ‘Lords of the Sith’ gave the two Sith Lords a chance to shine, including Darth Vader destroying fighters in space with the force and his lightsaber, and Palpatine fighting vicious monsters with force lightning and his own rarely seen lightsabre.

A game adaptation of the book could focus on either side of this conflict, or mix the two together, allowing player to tear through opponents as powerful Sith, or fighting impossible odds as resistance fighters.

Twilight Company

Technically a tie in to the Star Wars Battlefront game, the story of Twilight Company is one of the grittiest war stories in the current Star Wars canon, telling the story of the front line fighters as they fight a desperate campaign to cripple the Imperial production across several planets, including a shipyard, a bio weapons facility, and factory worlds.

Because the original Star Wars Battlefront lacked a single player campaign there has been a sad lack of Star Wars first person shooters in recent years, and whilst Star Wars Battlefront 2 is rectifying this, a game that explores the exploits of Twilight Company would be very welcome.


The planet of Malachor has appeared a number of time in Star Wars canon throughout the years, most recently in the epic season two finale of Star Wars Rebels. Much of what has occurred on Malachor is still a mystery, but what we do know from Star Wars Rebels is that the planet is a graveyard of Sith and Jedi bodies, and that it holds a massive Sith superweapon.

The lack of information on what actually happened on Malachor could prove to be a benefit for any game creators, allowing them to craft a story around the small pieces of information that we do have. Any game that would allow players to take part in a battle between thousands of force users is sure to be popular.

The Yuuzhan Vong War

The Yuuzahn Vong War is one of the most controversial aspects of the old expanded universe, with fans either loving it or hating it. Set years after the defeat of the Empire, the mysterious Yuuzahn Vong race appeared from beyond the edges of the Star Wars galaxy and invaded known space.

With living ships, vicious soldiers, and the ability to resist The Force, the Yuuzahn Vong tore through the New Republic and Imperial Remnant alike, enslaving and destroying whole world; and even killing beloved character Chewbacca. In the end, an alliance between the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant, and the new Jedi Order were able to defeat the Yuuzahn Vong.

A game set within the old expanded universe would be a brave choice for new properties, but the scope of the Yuuzahn Vong conflict opens a huge number of possibilities, anything from first-person shooter, action adventure, starship simulator, or even real-time strategy.

What would you choose for a Star Wars game setting? Have you been enjoying Battlefront II? Let us know!

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