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Star Wars: Battle of the Characters Tournament – Round 2

We've collated the results of our Twitter poll and these are the winners of round two of our Star Wars character top trumps!

We’re back with round two of our Star Wars character top trumps. Round one has already eliminated 16 of the starting 32 characters; some triumphed with massive scores on the Twitter vote. Classic characters like Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker received the lion’s share of their votes, while new characters like Poe Dameron, Rey and Jyn Erso also beat off their opponents.

Now we’re down to eight battles, the outcomes voted by you on our daily Twitter polls. Who made it into the quarter finals? Let’s take a look below…

Battle 1: Lando Calrissian vs Princess Leia

Princess Leia only has eyes one from charming rogue, and it isn’t Lando Calrissian. He might have scored high in his battle against General Grievous in round one, but this was a different story. Surprisingly, she scored a higher vote here than less memorable character Cassian Andor in round one.

Lando’s attempts to charm and disarm the princess fall on death ears and she soon beats him with a gun and a look of fierce determination, that sends him scrambling into a prison hold before she has a chance to push him in. This cool princess and general is more than a match and she walks easily into the quarter finals with 89% of the vote.

Battle 2: Grand Moff Tarkin vs Chewbacca

He may have ruthlessly beaten the furry little Ewok Wickett in round one with, but this time Grand Moff Tarkin faces an altogether more dangerous furry opponent. Fresh from defeating K-2SO in round one, the fierce Chewbacca faces the formidable Imperial officer.

Tarkin is quick to act, ordering Imperial forces to round up his family on Kashyyyk while he sets his own elite bodyguards to deal with the approaching wookie.  But Chewbacca has already smuggled his family to freedom and this threat to their lives has only made him madder. He quickly shoots his way through every stormtrooper and chokes to Grand Moff to death. With a fierce roar, Chewbacca storms his way into the quarter finals with 67% of the vote.

Battle 3: Rey vs Emperor Palpatine

She faced and defeated infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett in round one, but this time Rey faces someone far more dangerous. It’s a true test of her abilities, as she encounters Emperor Palpatine. Crushing BB8 in round one was just child’s play and it seems as if she will meet the same fate when his offer to let her join the dark side with him is rebuked.

The Emperor sends bolts of lighting to strike Rey down, but year scurrying and scavenging in the deserts of Jakku have honed her skills and she quickly moves into stealth mode. The Emperor’s over confidence is his undoing and she strikes him down when he least suspects it. Victorious, Rey joins the rest of the heroes in the quarterfinals with 67% of the vote.

Battle 4: Darth Maul vs Luke Skywalker

This deadly, skilled Dark Lord of the Sith easily outmatched Captain Phasma in round one, but faces a tougher opponent in Luke Skywalker. After defeating Orson Krennic in round two, Luke too faces a greater challenge in this double lightsaber-wielding villain.

It’s a frantic battle of light and dark. Luke is strong and steady, his green lightsaber clashing with Maul’s red. Several times, Maul seems to gain the upper hand, spin kicking, back flipping and whirling two blades to inflict near fatal damage to the Jedi Knight. But the hero of the Rebel Alliance stands resolute and eventually prevails, knocking the lightsaber from Maul’s hands and striking him down. An exhausted Luke heads into the quarterfinals with 64% of the vote.

Battle 5: Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Han Solo

A very different battle this time as the wise Jedi Master faces the smuggler and hero of the Rebel Alliance who believes a good blaster is a much better weapon than the ‘Force’. Obi-Wan sets Han the test as they take on an Imperial stronghold full of stormtroopers and determine which is the great weapon.

The odds are even. Han Solo gains an early victory, but Obi-Wan soon has the edge, defeating the enemy as they make their way to their destination. But then Han evens the odds with a crafty bomb, that detonates and takes out the majority of the enemy. Conceding defeat, Obi Wan Kenobi steps out of the competition and Han Solo heads into the quarterfinals with 57% of the vote.

Battle 6: Kylo Ren vs Poe Dameron

It’s a rematch for the figureheads of the First Order and Resistance. Kylo Ren is feeling confident, having defeated famed Jedi Mace Windu in round one, while Poe Dameron is feeling the odds after taking out Sith Lord Count Dooku.

This time, the battle is more desperate; Kylo Ren attacks Poe Dameron, cutting him as he makes his escape and hunts the Resistance fighter with ruthless determination. Realising that he cannot match Kylo Ren face on, Poe rigs a trap which stuns the enemy. Kylo Ren howls with anger and has a hissy fit, throwing away his helmet in frustration. Poe grabs his one chance and shoots him. Kylo Ren is having too much of a tantrum to deflect it and is killed. Through the skin of his teeth, Poe Dameron heads into the quarterfinals with 55% of the vote.

Battle 7: Darth Vader vs R2-D2

He may have beaten Vader’s wife Padme in round one, but he is no match for a fully enraged Darth Vader out for the kill and victorious after his stunning defeat of Jabba the Hutt in round one.

The plucky droid attempts every trick in the book, but Vader calmly blocks them and proceeds to tear R2-D2 apart with his lightsaber. As the flaming carcass of the droid lies at his feet, Vader, having won with 100% of the vote, marches onto the quarterfinals…

Battle 8: Yoda vs Jyn Erso

She might have outskilled Finn in round one, but Rebel Alliance fighter Jyn Erso severely underestimates little green alien Yoda, who flatly defeated fellow Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn in round one.

Taking him for an irritating little muppet, Jyn soon finds herself outmatched. She gets a couple of quick shots before Yoda takes away her gun with the Force and then twists her mind. Dazed and confused, Jyn heads off to start a new life running a cupcake business, while Yoda heads on to the quarterfinals with 71% of the vote.

And that’s another round of our Star Wars character top trumps completed. Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Rey, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Poe Dameron, Darth Vader and Yoda make their way into the quarterfinals.

Join us again for the next round of Star Wars character top trumps soon!

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