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Star Wars: Answers from The Last Jedi & Questions for Episode IX

I cannot stress this enough, spoilers for The Last Jedi lie beyond this sentence.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been out for over a week now and has proved to be perhaps the most divisive Star Wars film in history with plaudits and critics alike. Rian Johnson’s take on a galaxy far far away answered some questions and left us scratching our heads over others ahead of the final part of this new trilogy.

What We Learned

Luke Skywalker considered killing his nephew

We heard both sides of the same story. Luke (Mark Hamill) sensing the darkness in his trainee and Han (Harrison Ford) and Leia’s (Carrie Fisher) son considered killing him in his sleep. According to the veteran Jedi master he changed his mind at the last moment and Ben (Adam Driver) got the wrong idea seeing Luke looming over him. Kylo Ren tells the story differently in so much as he believed Luke did try to kill him and he defended himself in a short duel.

Either way we found out an interesting aspect, and perhaps dark side, to Luke Skywalker’s character and and a motive that perhaps at least partially explained Ben being tipped towards the Dark Side.

Luke Skywalker is dead

After holding himself responsible for Ben turning to the Dark Side and the destruction of the new Jedi order Luke went in to exile and shut himself off from the force. Making a return to face down his nephew and allow the Resistance to escape he did so at the cost of his life. I would fully expect to see him return as a Force ghost though.

Rey’s Parents are no-one special

After ridding the galaxy of Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) Kylo Ren tries to convince Rey (Daisy Ridley) to join him and mentions that he knows the truth, her parents were no-one special, had no significance and actually sold her as a young child.

While there is a chance this may have been a bluff from Kylo Ren to convince Rey to join him, Rey seemed to believe him when told and if true it does show that being powerful in the Force is not just limited to a couple of family trees.

The Resistance is low on numbers and leadership

Luke Skywalker is dead, Admiral Ackbar and Admiral Holdo, along with many other Resistance leaders are dead at the hands of the First Order. We also know due to Carrie Fisher’s death she, as far as we are aware, will not return for Episode IX as originally planned (I say, as far as we are aware, they could CGI her in as they did with Peter Cushing in Rogue One although it has been stated it will not happen).

This leaves our heroes short of leadership, and numbering only as many people as you can fit on the Millenium Falcon.

What Needs Answering

Who was Supreme Leader Snoke?

Just as he was getting in to full flow, reminding us of The Emperor in shinier clothes Snoke was snuffed, bisected by Kylo Ren who had had enough of being used and manipulated.

We did not get to hear his back story, and maybe we never will. What we know is that he is strong with the Dark Side and was around before the Empire. It is a shame we did not find out more as a guy who can gain that much control and influence in such a short period of time must have an interesting story to tell.

Where does the Resistance go from here?

Again, numbering just a handful of people the resistance are in trouble in terms of manpower and resources while the First Order has lost nothing more than a few ships (ok and its leader, a supreme leader at that). Still they have most of their resources and military and two leaders in Kylo Ren and General Hux (Domnhall Gleeson).

How the Resistance get themselves in to the position to be a worthy thorn in the side of the First Order will prove interesting.

How do they write Carrie Fisher out?

Leia did not die at the end of this movie and the plan was for Carrie Fisher to play a big part in the trilogy’s finale. How they will explain away her on screen absence will be interesting to see.

Where is Lando? 

With many of the rebellion’s big names and leaders biting the bullet surely it is time for Billy Dee Williams to reprise his role as the galaxy’s suavest man.

What are your major pressing questions from The Last Jedi? Let us know!

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