30 Days of Night #1 – Comic Review

For anyone familiar with the 30 Days of Night film, sequel, prequel mini series and the comic book series that preceeded them, then this new series of comics from original writer Steven Niles looks like it will provide enough thrills, kills and blood spills to keep fans of the cult vampire series happy.

Opening in the now familiar town of Barrow where the annual 30 days of night is beginning – literally 30 whole days without sunlight – local sheriff Eben and wife Stella are up early and eager to get the day started. As much as anyone is at 5.30am anyway.  For fans of the first film, it’ll be obvious that they’ve bypassed what happens at the end and just leapt straight into a new story staring Barrow’s finest.

This is fine as it provides us with strong, likeable characters from the start and means comic fans can just concentrate on this new series while giving fans of the film/s something to invest in as they give new hope for our heroes and their inevitable fight for survival.

As first issues and openings to a new series go, issue one does what you’d expect; shows us some familiar characters (to Eben, Stella and Barrow at least…), new and hopefully important and exciting characters, a strange sighting from a local and a cliff-hanger ending leaving us wanting more. Although this will seem all too familiar for both fans of the original comic series and the film, it’s short but sweet so doesn’t out-stay its welcome and therefore is more of a pleasant return for the regulars. It also gives new readers something potentially very exciting to get their teeth (fangs?) into.

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