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Doctor Who: Twelve’s Finest Moments

Now Peter Capaldi’s time aboard the TARDIS has drawn to a close, Dan Taylor takes a look back at five of his finest moments on Doctor Who

5 – “No sir, all THIRTEEN” (The Day of the Doctor)

This was the very first moment we set our eyes on our twelfth Doctor and boy what a moment it was. During the show’s 50th anniversary special were given a sneak peak at what the future had in store as their famous eye brows were furrowed for the very first time. In an episode full of memorable moments, this probably stands out as one of the very best.

The atmosphere in the theatre during the airing of this episode was electric and reaction of the audience when Capaldi appeared sent shockwaves across the auditorium. It was literally seconds but it was FANTASTIC!

4 – “The Man That Stops The Monsters” (Flatline)

Series 8 set the bar high for Peter Capaldi’s tenure and there were a number of standout moments during his first year but this speech delivered in ‘Flatline’ really packed a punch. With the mysterious Boneless shifting towards Clara and co, The Doctor springs to their rescue as declares himself as earth’s protector, as he so often does.

When it was announced that Capaldi was taking on the role, we knew the man was always going to be able to deliver a killer monologue and this little speech didn’t disappoint. It’s actually rare that we see Twelve go into full throw but when he does, he delivers moments like this.

#3 – “There is no such thing as happy ever after” (The Husbands of River Song)

A partially biased pick on my part because as a massive fan of Alex Kingston’s River Song, I had been waiting for this moment since her introduction back in 2008 and Steven Moffat doesn’t disappoint.

As the Doctor explains that this is indeed their final adventure together, he still manages to pull one last surprise out of the hat and gives River the time she had always wanted. And so Mr and Mrs Doctor Song lived happily…

#2 – “Not on my watch!” (The Zygon Inversion)

With humanity and the Zygons facing off against each other, it falls to the Doctor as always to try and reason with the two sides pulling on his own experiences in the Time War to try and persuade them to call a truce. Capaldi goes through a range of emotions in order to try and get Kate and Zygon Clara to take their hands off the button.

He also pulls out his ace card using his eyes and those wild eyebrows in order to get his point across.

#1 – “Stand with Me” (The Doctor Falls)

In one of his final episodes as the Doctor, when all hope seems lost, Peter Capaldi gives an impassioned speech to the Master and Missy begging them to stand with him against the Mondas Cybermen.

Lecturing his oldest friend about kindness and duty, he strikes a chord with Missy but it sadly isn’t enough to persuade her to stand by the Doctor’s side in his final battle – in hindsight, I bet she wishes she had.

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Autumn as Jodie Whittaker takes on the role as the Doctor under the stewardship of new showrunner Chris Chibnall.

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