Sonic The Hedgehog #2 – ‘Fallout pt 2’ – Comic Review

Depending on the context and the medium, the character of Amy Rose can either be a strong central character or the SEGA equivalent of Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser again and again. She can often be portrayed as silly and obsessive in her feelings toward Sonic. But as the franchise has evolved, Amy Rose can be an interesting character in her own right, as she is in the latest issue of IDW’s new Sonic the Hedgehog comic.

A lot of Amy’s characterisation stems from her obsession with Sonic and her desire to be his girlfriend. His dismissive nature of this is also a common thread in the games and different mediums in the franchise. Sometimes it’s due to her use of tarot cards and other times it’s her own admiration of him, but it’s always been there.

This new iteration takes a very welcome different interpretation on Amy Rose. In many ways, it feels as if Flynn has incorporated the resourcefulness and leadership aspects of the Archie series’ Princess Sally into Amy’s character. She has a strong role in a resistance against Dr. Eggman’s old armies; and immediately takes charge and knows what to do when more badniks arrive to attack the town she and Sonic are in.

As we’re still in the introductory phase of this new reboot; the formula of this issue is similar to how we’re introduced to Sonic and Tails in the previous issue. But this issue feels like it’s restating the plot that we’ve already had whilst showing us another key relationship in the series.

It’s a version of Amy that feels a little more complex. The issue dedicates itself to show that Sonic and Amy’s relationship isn’t romantic (or at least feelings aren’t mutual), but Sonic has a lot of respect and values her as a friend. A cool moment sees them casually swat badniks idly whilst having an in-depth conversation about why Sonic won’t rejoin a resistance.

You could argue the lack of any real advancement in the arc involving the growing organisation of the badniks is a bad thing. But as we’re in the midst of a four-week arc, lets give the story the benefit of the doubt. We’re focusing on establishing the main characters in Sonic’s life, and as the issue ends – we’re looking to have a similar thing involving the character of Knuckles.

So the pace may annoy slightly, the character foundations being laid down in Sonic the Hedgehog are incredibly impressive at this stage.

Sonic the Hedgehog #2 is now available to buy from IDW Publishing.

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