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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Posh Porgs – Toy Review

Everyone loves a Porg, right? Making their debut in last December’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, these alien creatures from the mind of director Rian Johnson from the first time they appeared in the trailer looked set to give those cute little Ewoks a run for their money as Star Wars‘ most loveable aliens. Not that everyone loves the Ewoks, admittedly. At least they’re not Jar Jar…

Anyway, Posh Paws decided to branch out with their soft toys range and provide everyone with their very own ‘Posh Porg’. See what they did there? To paraphrase that old scamp Darth Vader, it was their destiny.

We got sent a few from the kind folks at Posh Paws and, to be fair, if you love anything Star Wars–or perhaps your little ones do–these are going to put a smile on your face. We got a cuddly 8-inch Porg who does everything but that strange little ‘oooh-ah’ noise from in the film. You can add sound effects though, especially if your toddler is playing with it.

Don’t forget to give it a name, too. I’ve called mine Frank. He now sits right next to Marvin (my Tribble from Star Trek), Herbie (the car, obviously), my Aston Martin DB5, my DeLorean and my TARDIS. And people call me a geek!

We also got sent over some fun little Posh Paws-Star Wars bag clips, including a smaller Porg and a BB-8 droid in black, not to mention a slightly bigger Imperial Stormtrooper, all of which are adorably cuddly and would fit nicely on your accessory of choice. He’s now battling it out with Frank and Marvin as to who gets to drive the DeLorean.

The Posh Paws porg collection is now available to buy on Argos online or on Amazon. 

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