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Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier – Preview

Probably best known for his work on 8 Out of 10 Cats, Jon Richardson has become one of Britain’s most recognisable comedians. And now, his self conscious and awkward brand of comedy has become the blueprint for a new comedy show: The Ultimate Worrier. His OCD tendencies and gauche scepticism are clearly the driving influence for the format and his introverted humour is ingrained into every element of the show. It’s the kind of programme that you couldn’t see being fronted by anyone else.

The basic format of the show sees Richardson joined by two wisecracking guests who sit and help him assess and organise his trivial (and not-so-trivial) worries and build his of wall of worries – also known as his ‘Worriedness Index’. It’s like Room 101 for a self loathing narcissist. The guests and members of the audience pose their worries to Jon, who analyses where on the wall their concerns belong.

The topics of conversation range from sex robots to sibling insecurities, and depending on the severity of the worry it could either find itself alongside extreme quandaries such as Donald Trump, or maybe next to less concerning worries such as seagulls or adult acne.

Occasionally the team can turn to an expert who can shed more light on certain more complex perplexities. Also on hand, are two Jon Richardson look-a-likes, around to do the heavy lifting and to bring a little light relief; but whether they were just there for the benefit of the studio audience remains to be seen?

Two guests on the roster, veteran Jack Dee and the youngest ever winner of the prestigious So You Think You’re Funny award, Ivo Graham. The apologetic young Etonian and the dry-witted curmudgeon compliment Richardson’s charmingly inelegant hosting style, and the three deliberate like old mates putting the world to rights over a pint in their local boozer. The two guests in particular exchange quips with a fond familiarity; Graham has recently accompanied Dee on an intimate UK double bill tour to test out new material.

While the format isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s the type of show that fits Jon Richardson’s style. His Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has never been a secret and his anxieties have regularly been the butt of his jokes so it makes sense to give a platform to his plethora of worries.

Jon Richardson: The Ultimate Worrier is due to air on Dave from Wednesday 16th May at 9pm.

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