Star Trek: The Next Generation – Through the Mirror #1 – Comic Review

Because you demanded it! Following up the smash-hit miniseries MIRROR BROKEN, the Mirror Universe Next Generation crew is looking for new worlds to conquer, and they’re crossing over to the Prime Star Trek Universe to find them! Also in each issue: Just how did the Mirror Universe crew find their way to ours, and what does Emperor Spock have to do with it?

Released by: IDW Publishing
Writer: Scott & David Tipton
Artist: Marcs To, J.K. Woodward, Brittany Peer
Pages: 32

The latest Star Trek: The Next Generation comic from IDW brings us back into the world of the Mirror Universe. Through the Mirror is a follow-up to Mirror Broken, but this time the crew from the Mirror Universe has broken through to the Prime timeline. How? Why? We’re still figuring that out.

The story opens with Worf and two redshirts have left the Enterprise for Naia IV, to conduct an inspection of a mining facility that supplies valuable minerals to the Federation. Why them and not the Federation equivalent of a Health and Safety inspector? Important mining equipment and crates of dilithium, a mineral used in warp drive, have been disappearing. Naia IV’s Captain Ochoa hasn’t raised any alarms because he wasn’t sure if communications were also compromised, and waiting to tell Worf in person. Captain Ochoa is smarter than your average Star Trek side character.

Worf and Lieutenants Reese and Hana split up to investigate the facility. Worf says he doesn’t expect them to find anything out of place immediately but guess what — he does. (Worf had also said he didn’t expect any trouble on Naia IV, so maybe Worf needs to work on his expectations a bit).

While conducting his search, Worf walks by someone who looks suspiciously like the Enterprise’s Lieutenant Jones in engineering, but with a goatee. Worf’s like, “How did he manage to leave the Enterprise, grow a goatee and break into Naia IV? Better follow him and ask.”

Lieutenant Jones doesn’t understand why a Klingon has made him, and starts firing his blaster immediately. Worf, Reese and Hanna give chase to Jones, who manages to escape… with Mirror Universe Riker and Geordi, much to the confusion of everyone from the Prime Universe.

But what was Jones stealing supplies for in the first place? For that, we travel to the Mirror Universe, months earlier, where Picard is torturing a Bolian for information. In this universe, the Cardassians have taken over the mining colonies, the Klingons have made sure no one will work with the Enterprise and they are in desperate need of supplies. They finally got a small piece of information: Spock is alive and in hiding.

How does this all fit together? Not sure yet. Over the course of Through the Mirror, we’ll get backstory from the Mirror Universe as well as a continuation of the Prime timeline, so we should eventually figure out what the master plan is. How is Spock’s existence relevant to the mining supplies? I’m sure it’ll make some kind of sense eventually, but right now the stories only seem somewhat connected.

It’s a tantalizing enough introduction, and the art is good — characters look like their TV counterparts, but not so much to the point it’s just tracing a screencap. Through the Mirror is a promising start, here’s hoping the series can follow through.

Star Trek: Through the Mirror #1 is now available from IDW Publishing.

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