Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through The Mirror #5 – Comic review

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Writers: Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Artists: J.K. Woodward & Debora Carita

Pages: 36

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Through the Mirror has come to an end, although the story may not be done.

It ended on a cliffhanger in the last episode, as the crew of the Enterprise came face to face with their evil, mirror universe selves. We knew an epic fight was about to ensue, and we were right! The two teams quickly busted out their phasers and set out to destroy the others. The regular Enterprise crew needed to stop the Mirror baddies from stealing the Enterprise and escaping back to their world, but they needed to stay alive long enough to do it.

Picard and Riker split away from the pack, drawing out evil Picard and Riker to give Data cover while he sciences their way out of it. Picard and Riker vs. Picard and Riker is obviously where the most interesting battle will go down, anyway. At first, Picard tries to separate himself from Riker and take on their evil counterparts alone (Mirror Riker seems excited to kill any Picard, so you know there’s some interesting backstory there), but Riker comes through to assist. It’s a good parallel for their captain/first officer dynamics: obviously the evil versions have a more contemptuous relationship, and never thought for a second that Riker would sneak up behind them to assist his captain.

While our crew is able to disrupt the Mirror guy’s plans, they still manage to escape, and according to Data, could potentially make it back one day. This keeps things open for another Mirror storyline in the future…

… or right now! While most of the Mirror crew beams back to their own universe, one stays behind. Reg Barclay overpowers his other version and is taking his place on the Enterprise, which will be the basis of Terra Incognita.

The B-story also hints at things to come! Mirror Data has completed his journey to find Emperor Spock and has gleaned some important information from him: the existence of an alternate universe Spock, working on the Enterprise. The Next Gen Mirror baddies might be heading to the original Enterprise crew next!

While both storylines are technically wrapped up here, Through the Mirror doesn’t quite feel complete. Maybe it’s the teasing of new stories and series, or maybe it’s how the Mirror crew just beams away suddenly and there’s nothing left to do. It doesn’t quite feel like a satisfying conclusion.

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