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Preacher 3×06 – ‘Les Enfants du Sang’ – TV Review

After last week’s Preacher, I was looking forward to meeting the Enfants du Sang, and they’re just as wacky as I hoped. The vampire-worshipping crew that kidnapped Cassidy dress like characters from Interview With a Vampire and perform crazy rituals in the basement where someone’s Grandma pops down to do laundry.

Cassidy’s mostly unimpressed, even when the leader Eccarius eats an entire owl live in front of everyone. Eccarius isn’t just a fang-banger (is that a thing?), he’s a real vampire and wants to become Cassidy’s friend.

Speaking of unlikely friendships, Arseface is finally back! After escaping hell, Eugene made his way back to the smoking crater that is now Anville. Despite realising his home and everyone he’s ever known are gone, he’s looking on the bright side: he was spared! He was sent to Hell for a reason! God must have a purpose for him! He even stays optimistic after he’s immediately picked up by the Saint of Killers. The two of them head off on foot for their next adventure, presumably tracking down Hitler. Eugene already brought out the best in Hitler, is he going to turn the Saint towards the good side now? Hitler’s the last character we’re yet to see this season, but I imagine he’ll be around next week.

Back in Angelville, Jesse, Tulip, Jody and T.C. decide to rob a bank to steal souls to feed Gran’ma so she gets stronger and doesn’t die, also killing Tulip thanks to the voodoo curse that’s linking their lives. This is a weird show.

We briefly get to see Tulip in her element: planning a heist. She goes into the bank undercover, checks out the vaults and formulates the grand plan. More Tulip is always a good thing, and more Tulip robbing banks would definitely be amazing. The actual robbery goes down in montage, where we also see Jody and T.C.’s contributions (killing Sabina’s henchmen and stealing a goat from a petting zoo while naked, respectively).

The plan works, but it’s not enough souls for Gran’ma so she takes Sabina’s too. Jesse kills Sabina, saying there’s no point to life without a soul. He’s finally at his breaking point and decided to call the Grail, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time: Allfather, the violently evil obese leader, knows about Jesse and is putting the pressure on Herr Star about it. Not the same amount of pressure as the time he sat on a guy’s head and killed him, but maybe next week.

There was a surprising amount of gravitas this week, and even more surprisingly it came from Cassidy. He discovers Eccarius has powers like mind control and transformation, and that he gets them from turning people into vampires. Cas is disgusted and leaves, despite Eccarius’ pleas to be friends. Cassidy says being a vampire is miserable and lonely, but faces that even further when Tulip calls. She tries to fill him in on the drama in Angelville and then tells Cas she and Jesse will come pick him up when they’re done. Cassidy, unusually serious, reminds her that he’s hundreds of years old and has had “thousands of you and Jesse’s.” It’s a break-up call: Cassidy is ready to move on and he heads back to Eccarius’ group instead.

It’s a sombre scene that gave both Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun a chance to do some proper acting. While Preacher is a bizarre, wacky, gross and shocking show, its heart is the friendship between the three characters – well, more often than not just these two – and any time we’re reminded of that is much appreciated.

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