Red’s Kingdom – Game Review

Originally developed and released for mobile phones, single-player adventure puzzle game Red’s Kingdom makes the leap to the Nintendo Switch as you take control of the titular Red, a squirrel who lives in a land under the rule of a tyrant king. When the mad king steals Red’s nuts, he must set off on a quest to get them back. Oh, and his father was taken too, though Red doesn’t really seem that concerned by that part.

The gameplay is very simple as you use either the control stick or the touch screen to make Red roll around the stages, using objects in the area to direct him to the objective. It instantly reminded me of the ice puzzles in the Pokemon games; and anyone who is familiar with these will feel very at home here.

Throughout the course of the game you will find unlockable extras to collect that will give you new abilities. These include a set of wings that allow Red to glide across gaps and a glowing mushroom that you can use to teleport. Whilst these additions would work great within levels to allow you to solve more complex puzzles, they’re used more to allow Red to access new areas instead.

However, the puzzles themselves are engaging and, whilst challenging to a degree, never feel overly difficult. The game is also good at letting you get used to the puzzles before introducing a new elements, such as spiky barrels, sticky tar, or bouncy tires that make your progress more difficult.

Despite having begun life on mobile platforms, the game looks and feels perfect for the Switch. The graphics feel right at home on the console, with its bright, cartoony art style lending itself nicely to the family friendly aesthetic that Nintendo is known for. There’s plenty of charm to be found in the visuals and the game’s soundtrack is fairly pleasant and relaxing, never feeling too intrusive or annoying; which can be a major benefit if you become momentarily stuck on a puzzle.

The game is broken up by the odd cut scene where small pieces of story help to fill in some information about the world. They show just how uncaring a son Red actually is, more worried about his missing nuts than his father. These scenes are quite fun, with the characters talking in strange gibberish whilst subtitles fill in what’s actually being said.

Whilst Red’s Kingdom is an overall good experience, there are a few things that do let it down a little. The lack of a movable camera does hinder on occasion, with certain parts of the area being unclear, or even hidden, and this does sometimes lead to Red accidentally falling off the edge of the stage. The repetitive nature of the gameplay is another aspect that lets the game down. Whilst played in small bursts, such as on a mobile phone, the game is great, but if you sit down with your Switch to play it for a long session you may soon begin to find your attention lagging. As such, Red’s Kingdom is much better suited to playing in small sessions.

Red’s Kingdom is a fun puzzle game. The gameplay is simple, yet manages to present enough of a challenge that you will need to think things through and try multiple approaches. Best played in short bursts, Red’s Kingdom is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

Developed by Cobra Mobile and published digitally by Rising Star Games, Red’s Kingdom is available now for Nintendo Switch™ via Nintendo eShop.

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