PlayStation Classic – The other 15 games we’d like to see

It’s an exciting time for fans of the original Sony console with this week’s announcement of the PlayStation Classic. We know it will have 20 pre-loaded games accompanying it, but only five have so far been revealed: Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Jumping Flash and Wild Arms.

There are hundreds of games that Sony could potentially pick from for the remaining 15 titles, many of which are amazing games. Here’s the 15 that we would love to see.

Metal Gear Solid

Not just one of the best games on the Playstation, but perhaps one of the greatest of any console ever. It introduced thousands of fans to the Metal Gear universe and Solid Snake. A game that, at times, feels more like watching a movie, with so much dialogue it could fill a novel; it’s packed with great characters, over-the-top action, epic boss fights, and a story that will keep you entertained for hours.

Resident Evil

The mother of all survival horror games, Resident Evil is still an entertaining play, despite the clunky controls and awful dialogue. With the series still going strong today, two series of movies, novels and manga, this is a universe that is far from being done. Not only is this game worth including as an all time great, but there are still a lot of younger gamers who haven’t experienced the original. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to see where it all began.

Crash Team Racing

Sony’s attempt at Mario KartCrash Team Racing was never big enough to warrant a sequel, but it’s still one of the most popular racing games on the console. Whilst I would usually include Crash Bandicoot itself on this list, I’m not going to because of the recent remaster (same for Spyro), but as Crash Team Racing wasn’t a part of that remaster, I think it’s about time the game got another shot in the spotlight.

Final Fantasy VIII

I get why Final Fantasy VII is on the console, it’s the one in the series that is supposed to be the best (I personally disagree). With Nintendo having just announced a whole host of Final Fantasy content coming to the Switch, including VII and IX, the only main Final Fantasy game from the PlayStation not getting a new release is Final Fantasy VIII, and this is unacceptable. With the much improved graphics over VII, the cast of interesting characters, a more complex story that still has fans debating two decades later, and a much more enjoyable gameplay experience, it’s the perfect choice to be part of this package.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Not the first game in the Legacy of Kain series, but it is probably the most well known. The game that revitalised and relaunched the sprawling and complex game series, as well as introducing new protagonist Raziel, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is one of the darker, more complex action adventure games on the PlayStation.

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Vagrant Story

One of the most popular Role Playing Games on the console, Vagrant Story is often also cited as one of the best. With its shift in focus from traditional RPG elements such as NPC interaction and buying supplies from shops and traders to puzzle solving and weapon creation, Vagrant Story presents what was a fairly unique PlayStation experience. With copies of the game costing around £30 second hand, this new console could be the first chance for a lot of people to play it, if included.

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis wasn’t a long lived franchise (existing between 1999 and 2003) but whilst it was around, it was damn good. Taking a lot of elements from Resident Evil, but shifting the focus from mutant monsters and zombies to dinosaurs, the game added a whole new dimension to the survival horror experience. The series may have shot itself in the foot with Dino Crisis 3 but there’s still a lot to love about the original.

Silent Hill

Other survival horror games rely on deadly enemies and jump scares to keep people frightened. Silent Hill went for atmosphere and psychological horror instead. Set within the fog-shrouded mountain town of Silent Hill, the game puts players in the shoes of a desperate father looking for his lost daughter, a story that will send you into Hell itself and spawn one of the most popular game series around.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

I was never really into skating as a teenager, it didn’t really appeal to me, but I loved Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. It was fun and challenging, offering new players an engaging experience, whilst allowing the more experienced experts further challenges. Its ability to appeal to players from a broad range of skills, its variety of courses, and the challenge of trying to unlock Spider-Man as a skater made it one of the best sports games on the console.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 proved that a sequel can improve upon the original in every way. It shifted the action from a confined mansion to an entire city, brought in new monsters, new characters, and an expanded story, all whilst improving the controls and gameplay. With the added bonus of an A and B scenario for both main characters, plus two additional unlockable modes, Resident Evil 2 would add hours of gameplay to the new console. The fact that the remake is fast approaching would also mean that a lot of gamers would get the chance to re-experience the original before the update.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

A bold reinvention of a series already a decade old upon its release, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night changed a lot of the series staples, shifting the protagonist from the vampire hunting Belmont’s to Alucard, son of Dracula, adding a new loot system, non-linear exploration and a whole host of new enemies. Often cited as one of the high points of the franchise, it’s still an incredibly enjoyable and challenging game.

Wipeout 2097

Swapping cars for super fast flying vehicles of the future, the Wipeout series is still one of the best racing games around. Making what can often be a repetitive and boring genre into something fresh and exciting, Wipeout 2097 upped the ante on previous entries in the series, adding a new interface, weapons and stages, all accompanied by a techno soundtrack. It’s a racing game guaranteed to appeal, even to those who don’t usually enjoy the genre.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

A puzzle solving platform game set within its own uniquely bizarre world, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee put players in control of Abe, a Mudukon slave worker escaping captivity when he discovers his people are about to be used as food. A strange game, with some weird gameplay, it nevertheless offers a fun and different platforming experience.

Parasite Eve II

Based upon a popular Japanese novel of the same name, Parasite Eve was a genre hybrid that blended together action RPG and survival horror. Following New York City cop Aya Brea as she tries to stop an entity named Eve from destroying humanity, the game added interesting new features such as real-time battles and the ability to target particular body parts. Clearly having inspired other games with its infusion of RPG progression systems into a survival horror framework, Parasite Eve II is an often overlooked classic.

Tomb Raider II

Whilst the first Tomb Raider game is the one that sparked the entire franchise, it’s not the best one on the PlayStation with that title instead falling to the sequel. Tomb Raider II expanded on different aspects of the original, but managed to refine many of the issues. Controls were made smoother, combat enhanced, better puzzle solving was added, exploration and environments were improved, and both the story and characters were better. A peak in the series for many years, it deserves its place on the new console.

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