Mega Emotion – ‘Laura’ – New Single Review

The sound of the synth by its modern day reputation will forever be synonymous with the decade of the 1980s. No matter how bands or musicians try, there’s always that reflective, almost nostalgic essence associated with the sound.

There have been successful manipulations of the sound that bleed into other genres, or do something special with them that helps move things forward. But sometimes there’s just that creative direction taken that capitalises on the instrument’s hold of that particular decade.

Mega Emotion‘s new single ‘Laura’ decides to go basking in the past in subject matter and sound. It uses a sound not too unfamiliar from The Human League to make you think backwards about thinking forwards.

Laura is about love, lust and dreaming of a future together. It’s about the girl at school who never really knew how you felt, about unrequited love, and still burning inside.

by Mark Hewlett

Through that familiar sound, Mega Emotion amplify that feeling of nostalgia. It feels quite deliberate, too. Their previous songs have that synth sound to them, but are often more energetic and distorted with a strong indie-pop sense to them. What’s the best way to try and convey nostalgia? Dipping into it.

Mega Emotion are expanding their scope and sound with ‘Laura’. It’s a slight departure from what they’ve been doing in the past but still a nice lovely song with a catchy memorable chorus.

Mega Emotion’s new single Laura is released on Friday 23 November 2018 on Fake Feelings.

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