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Rabid – 2019 Preview

“Remake” is a bit of a dirty word when it comes to movies. Understandably, for the most part. We’ve all seen our fair share of naff remakes, reboots and reimaginings over the years.

The one place that remakes seem to be left alone and given their fair shake seems to be the horror genre; some of the biggest names in the genre made a name for themselves with remakes. Whether it’s John Carpenter’s classic The Thing or Fede Alvarez’s modern classic Evil Dead; some massive names in the genre got real recognition once these films hit the big time.

Speaking of big names getting drafted to the big leagues after a remake…

Canadian body horror director David Cronenberg found real fame when he remade 1958’s The Fly. In 1977, Cronenberg released Rabid; a body horror film that explored the dark world of medical experimentation. As well as being a disturbing and violent horror, it left a seed of fear and doubt in the minds of anyone that watched it, leaving us all fearful of the rogue surgeon. Fast forward 40 years and fellow Canadians and fan darlings Jen and Sylvia Soska – known in horror circles as The Twisted Twins – are hoping to hit the mainstream big time with their remake of Cronenberg’s classic.

Starring Laura Vandervoort (Kara Zor-El in Smallville) and, er, Wrestler-turned-UFC fighter CM Punk; the modernisation of this tale will see Vandervoort’s Rose disfigured after an horrendous accident. After undergoing an experimental stem cell therapy; a complete mental and physical transformation gives the wannabe fashion designer everything she wants. But nothing in life is consequence free and an uncontrollable hunger begins to take over and sends Rose in a horrifying direction that she could never have predicted.

Those that were lucky enough to get to this year’s Frightfest Halloween event were treated to some exclusive clips of the upcoming remake; and it is safe to say that they were received very well and left the room buzzing ready for more. The film looks to be bringing an unforgiving gruesomeness to the big screen; and even the few minutes attendees were lucky enough to see felt like a Soska Sisters film was incoming. The directors of the sublime American Mary are back and ready to make you squirm in your seat again.

I’m not sure we are ready for what is coming.

Are you looking forward to Rabid? Let us know.

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